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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Back to the storyline, such as it exists  ^.^

You might remember that I mentioned I was getting ahead of myself in strips, right? In this strip. Well, I decided last week that my order was wrong and the strip planned for today was in fact for about two weeks from now, which rather negated anything I said about being ahead of myself. I had to draw and scan this strip and Thursday's in rather a hurry on Sunday night  ^^;;

And you might remember the shelf, also mentioned in the above strip's gibberings? Well, we have the successor. The (new) shelf is going to hold our firewall cluster, and putting it into the place it's supposed to be and transplanting the two machines currently running in their boxes onto the appropriate shelves may take a while. Our connection will be down for that length of time, so this is an apology in advance for the (hopefully short) period of unavailability. This transfer is complicated by the fact that our happy little webserver has never been shut down in his life (in his current incarnation that is; when he ran Windows as my work desktop, he was shut down - forcibly - all too often), and Moonshadow isn't certain how easy it will be to get him running happily again. The 'transplant' is planned for Bank Holiday Monday, but may not happen then (the word 'planning' does not really exist in our vocabulary).

Finally, more apologies for not doing anything about the First Story for so long. I keep meaning to do it, but there are so many things I want to doodle. The current chunk of story is almost all drawn, and then it'll need scanning,cleaning and so on, but if I actually got the time, it would probably happen pretty quickly. The same applies to The Boy and The Darkness, only that's in even worse straits since it needs both Moonshadow and myself to be free. Translation is really a two-person job. I am really glad that neither of those little projects is on a deadline like Phoenix Feathers is. However, I will do my best to get started on at least the First Story again soon - not being able to do any of it is starting to get on my nerves.

- Sun Kitten, 30.4.02

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