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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I am following a bad precedent. I normally try to get the strips for each week drawn the day they would go up but one week earlier (so ideally tomorrow I would draw next Friday's strip) and then I scan them and arrange them over the weekend. Last week, I managed the lot at the weekend and this gave me some time to doodle over the week. I think I might be losing my round tuit - does anyone know where I can buy them?

The result of this lack of self-discipline is that I have two (two!) pages of the next chunk of the First Story done (you must all be tired of hearing about it by now...) and I'll keep at it. Since this chunk falls into two parts, I might put the first one up before I finish the second. The speed at which I can prepare the pages is rather limited at the moment, sadly. The main limitation is time, of course - there's so much to do - and also, I sliced my thumb with a cafetiere (don't laugh!) today, so holding a pen hurts. It takes real talent to cut right across your thumb with a blunt object. The other limitation (hopefully very temporary) is the swish new up-to-date copy of Paint Shop Pro (7) that my wonderful Moonshadow bought me for my birthday (the day before Nikolai's). I'm still learning how to use it - it's a surprisingly big step up from PSP5. It has vectors, for example.

Ah well, I will ramble on. Another thing Moonshadow got me - us both, really - is the 'Capture the B34r' T-shirt from Megatokyo's Cafepress store. It's really cute and the print is good quality. I was considering having a Cafepress Store (mainly 'cos Moonshadow and Kazuhiko wouldn't stop saying to) so if I ever get round to producing images good enough (cue hollow laughter) I might do that. The image I linked to a strip or so back (here) is one possibility, and an alteration of this image is another.

Another thing - we are away for Monday and Tuesday of next week so Tuesday's strip will go up on Tuesday evening, not Monday evening. We actually have the week off so maybe we might get some of The Boy and The Darkness done. And hopefully I'll be able to work up a backlog of strips and get the First Story going again.

Finally, link time. http://www.betterstarwars.com (link dead, 11 Jan 05) is a site dedicated to a rewrite of the Phantom Menace. I've read it and it's good - perhaps not as good as eps 4-6, but what will ever be? Certainly better than the original Phantom Menace. And Angel Moxie is a webcomic I read regularly - I like it  ^.^

Woo, what a lot of rubbish I can write. Happy weekend

- Sun Kitten, 31.5.02

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