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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

And the weeks plod onwards, speeding up and slowing down as they please. The beginning of the week dragged on forever, but all of a sudden it's Friday. It took me by surprise, rather, which may be why I'm updating this on the Friday rather than the Thursday evening..

Nothing of great import to note. Translation work will hopefully finish tonight (at least on the latest chapter - I can't wait to find out what's happened!)

If anyone has some advice on how to give your cat a pill, please let me know. Murphy is a master at not swallowing the things, and we have 16 more pills to give her over 8 days..

I'd better go to work. I have a report to write for Monday, and it needs a few more tweaks. I have just about got to grips with Adobe Photoshop, which is what the lab Macs have. After resisting me for a year, it has submitted at last. This is a relief, since I have pictures to include in the report. I still prefer Paint Shop Pro, though  ^.^

I should acknowledge that the concept of L-space is not mine (I wish!) but belongs to Terry Pratchett, of Discworld fame  ^^

- Sun Kitten, 2nd August '02

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