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Phoenix Feathers is updated every Tuesday and Thursday

We showed anime yesterday. Wednesday is anime day ^.^ We have a large collection of fansubs and friends who are interested in seeing said fansubs so it's fun to show people things. Right now we're on Escaflowne, Captain Tylor and Lain. Lain is being appreciated (it's fun to watch brains slide out of ears as people who've never seen it before try to understand it). By the way, if anyone is around the Cambridge area (Cambridge UK) and wants to watch anime on Wednesday evenings (or any other evenings) then email us :)
We also had someone come who hadn't come before - one Tsunami - and he was kind enough to bring the Mahou TV series. We have the Mahou OAVs and have watched them to death but the Mahou TV series is new to all of us. The two episodes we saw were very funny although whoever designed/wrote the music wants shooting. The original opening and ending themes were beautiful and the ones they're using now are hardly fit to be called music.
Bah, heathens.
-Sun Kitten, 14.2.02

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