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Phoenix Feathers is updated every Tuesday and Friday

Note the change in update days. I thought Tuesday and Thursday were a little close together, and I prefer updating on Thursday evening to updating on Wednesday evening. I'd like to do more, but it really isn't feasible atm.
A couple of other things were going to happen last weekend. We finished translating chapter 2.1 of 'The Boy and the Darkness', and it was going to be up, but it needs proof-reading and as the only Russian speaker in the house, it's Moonshadow's job. Since he's not a lazy student like me, he actually takes time to do things. So it's not ready yet. When it is, I'll put an update in the more page at the top, to keep you updated.
The other change was to be the poems page. The poems are currently to be found on The Eeyore Fan Club, Moonshadow's old page. I'd have put them up by now but I was busy doodling something else that I wanted to get finished. I know it's a bad excuse.
So anyway, they might be up soon. And maybe some other stuff. You'll have to make do with this strip for now ^.^
-Sun Kitten, 19.2.02

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