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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

We've been getting a lot of bounces as the Win32/Mydoom virus attempts to spread itself pretending to have been sent from addresses of the form randomname@toothycat.net (jerry@toothycat.net, bob@toothycat.net and so on). I've not spotted anything to imply any actual users are infected, but (a) please be careful opening messages with attachments that purport to come from other toothycat.net users - if you're sending one, write lots of accompanying text explaining what's inside so your recipient knows you're not a virus, and if you receive one you're not expecting, contact the sender to confirm before you open it; and (b) someone with a toothycat.net email address present somewhere on their machine is infected; presumably a Phoenix Feathers reader and/or a toothywikizen; please check your machine - It Could Be You.

- Moonshadow, 30th January '04, from the ToothyWiki

More pictures of Saryth and Kite - mainly Saryth - in the gallery. Maybe my fingers are trying to tell me something...

- Sun Kitten, 30th January '04

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