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January 2004

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Nothing important interrupted t14

Nikolai no baka...  That is very, very dumb.  At least, I'm assuming from our past experience of the Twilight that he would have had to skip past many pages saying "don't try this at home" before he got to the actual details.  That's assuming Elves are one of the very few races who were capable of entering the Twilight. --K

Interlude: 7 h20

Images download slowly on DialUp?. Before the bottom line had fully come through, I thought for a moment that Rin was making a rude gesture at the /MysteriousEvilDude with her left hand... --CH

Why, one wonders, is /Rin so sure that she wasn't seen by the Vice-President?  Also worth noting that links between the /MysteriousEvilDude and the /SnowBallCommittee are seeming less likely now.  Although he's sufficiently Mysterious and Evil that he it's still possible he could be being the elusive President and also directing /Rin.  Would it be worth moving the /SnowBallCommittee pages to /StudentCommittee?, since the /SnowBall is long gone and they've finally been given a name other than just "the Committee"?  --AlexChurchill

A chaotic hot chocolate t15

I like the idea of a chaotic hot chocolate :)  Can you make them with soya milk? *curses inability to drink proper milk all over again* --MJ
Try it and see :) - SunKitten
Have you got a recipe for how to do the chaotic bit, please?
I suspect you have a better idea than I do how to do chaotic :) - SunKitten
Well, at the very least; Recipe/ChaoticHotChocolate needs to exist.  --Vitenka

Malignant Influence? u02

That experience looks horribly familiar - in terms both of clumsiness and of FootInMouth? disease... --MJ

It seems that some times that Sha'am is mentioned, something happens to stop further discussion.  We have this example here, we also have u02 (all the coffee), and p06 (where the lab blows up again).  In these situations, there are people near who might say "Who's Sha'am?".  Also, Kurai is present each time - but how could Kurai be causing these events?

Good point.  I'd blame literary device, but it's happenned a bit too often for that literary device to not have some instance in the pf world.  I would ask whether it's easier to ask 'why' rather than 'how'.  But Sha'am has apparantly completely obscure (yet fluffy) motives.  --Vitenka

In "A chaotic hot chocolate", /Nikolai mentions /Shaam and then /Peri's ink gets knocked over.  In this case Kurai is not present.  Looks like (in simplified form) his name is kinda causing a jinx.  What about when the Committee mention him, or /Rin?

Mostly Harmless? t16

Waa!  Wakarimasen!

What's not to understand?  Check the cover of the book in the final frame (and compare with t14 "Nikolai no baka").  Check the background of frames 4 and 7 and compare with the shading of the final two frames of t03 "Whirlpool".  For the moss and "mostly harmless" quote, see t02 "Mostly Harmless".  (I wonder if that's the moss in frame 7? It looks like bubbles, but...)  And, well, I really /really/ hope he knows what he's doing.  At least he's looking in books for how to "deal with that moss" rather than making something up /completely/. --AlexChurchill
Until I read the post comic bit of text, I thought that we had some kind of 'simultaneously in twilight whilst in real world talking' thing going on.  The surprised and trapped expressions seemed to support this.  I'm going to continue believing this for as long as it's fun.  --Vitenka
Well, it would explain why he had such a headache! --MJ
But it's stated that those frames are flashbacks in the rant --Mjb67
Hence my 'until'.  I can ignore reality, if I want to.  --Vitenka
You can, but it usually isn't wise for long.  Especially not when out and about.  Ignoring lamp-posts and open manholes while walking round town is regarded as a bad idea... --MJ
Ah, sorry 'tenka - I somehow managed to read your "Until I read the post comic bit of text" as "Until I read the post conversation bit of comic" - I thought you were talking about the final couple of frames. --Mjb67''

Why does Nikolai want to get into Twilight?  His motivation is pretty strong - I think that there must be something in his upbringing to explain it - the way he asked his brother about it always seemed significant to me --Mjb67
I think he just wants to be able to help Peri, who he's evidently developed a bit of a crush on (what is it with Mathmos and Theologians, eh?) --CH
Does "I'm still getting there, even if you won't let me help you" t10 sound to you like his main motivation is getting there or helping? --Mjb67

Celebration t17

Argh!  You used a gender pronoun again!  :)  As for the lightsabres thing, it sounds funny enough that submitting it to somethingawful or similar evil photoshop communities might produce results.  --Vitenka
A gender pronoun? But, anyway, the last panel here confirms my belief that Nikolai wants to get to Twilight to protect Peri, should the need arise. --M-A
The pronoun in question being "she".  Admittedly its referent really does seem pretty clear in this case.  And I read the last panel as /Nikolai being just on the point of musing that although his original motivation for getting into /Twilight seems now unnecessary, he might as well keep up his practice given the little bit of progress he's made...  Far from the only interpretation, certainly, but that's the way it seems to me. --AC
Agreed and agreed.  It looks like we have a twilight addict on our hands here.  --Vitenka (Still disputing the 'she' - reality deflectors at full force!)
Agreed and agreed, indeed. --Mjb67
/Peri, the one with the multicoloured spiky hair, is female. --M-A
Interesting - once again an assumption of colour. SunKitten's drawings in the gallery show Peri as having uniformly light purple hair. --CH
*splutter* ??!!? - SunKitten
Well, she does. --CH
My aching wrists that smudged her darker purple hair into the paler purple say otherwise. So does the computer monitor :) - SunKitten
I think [this] proves CH wrong.  OK, not multi-coloured, but definitely different shades of purple. --M-A
All right, agreed. Although I was originally seeing that as a nice specular-style effect on uniform hair caused by it being closer to the light-source... --CH

How can moss be dangerous? t18

The Twilight is beginning to sound more and more RogueLike :) --K
Ahh.  This was a cool strip.  I love seeing /Muravei's wonderful room, and I am immensely intrigued by /Nikolai's new "hobby".  And I am entirely unsuprised that /Nikolai doesn't mind it being "not a normal hobby for Elves". Cool stuff.  --AC

I shall ignore the way Vei's computer seems to jump about 3 feet between panels 1 and 2.  Or... *looks again* Is that Vei or Nikolai in panel 2?  The way I first read it (based on the faces), I saw the panels as in order V, V, V, N, N, N, N.  But seeing the breakfast bowl in panels 1, 3 and 5, and the bed in 2, makes me unsure.  --AC
Yes, looking again at the food, I suspect in fact it's V, N, V, N, V, N, N.  Not that it makes a huge amount of difference.  --AC
Yup.  V, N looking like V, V, N, V, N, N, I reckon.  It's only the position of the keyboard in panel 2 that gave me the clue... --M-A

I'm worried about the disclaimer!  And I suspect that the character upon whom /Nikolai is based ought to be worried too in view of the strip the disclaimer came on... --MJ
I'm wondering just how obvious it is who's based on who.  I'm inclined to start a  /RealLifeInspirations page.  Certainly one couldn't expect SunKitten to do anything different... I remember discussion of an ongoing fantasy story with characters and relationships based upon real-life ones, and the way it makes planning for future plot almost impossible. For example, an in- and out-of-game couple splitting up throws out the window any plot that might have been planned by the story-writer about things that couple could do in the future.  It just wouldn't work, so SunKitten's approach seems the only sensible one.  I do wonder that SunKitten felt she had to comment... just /what/ is coming up?!  --AC
Nothing (related to this, that is) any time soon :) - SunKitten

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pot noodle --Mjb67

Saved by the bell t19

Waving goodbye twoend

Epilogue epi02

Awww...  --Requiem

But, but, but... Poor Rin... -- Senji

I guess it's unusual to see someone leave an Evil Overlord's services alive...  --AC
You truly have Evil DoS don't you?  --Vitenka
That was the /MysteriousEvilDude, wasn't it?  The "supervised" comment is intriguing but could be taken a number of ways...  --AC
Well, it's a turning point for her. I suspect she'll not do so badly out of it, once she gets over her initial devastation.  Could provide quite some plot opportunities - I bet she won't stop investigating Megaera & Co! --AC

Is the pretty anti-silhuetting effect the result of sudden shock and depression? --CH
It looks like it should be accompanied by an annoying and overdone 'doooom' sound effect ;)  --Vitenka

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