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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

The snow we had last week was rather impressive. It's the best/worst (depending on your point of view) snowfall I've seen in Cambridge. On Thursday we had a swirling blizzard complete with a biting nasty wind. I had to go home twice in it, too - I went through three changes of clothes - and Moonshadow took four hours to get home that night. That's not as bad as some poor people who were left waiting all night on the M11 or the A14. Friday was almost fun, although I have never concentrated so hard on riding a bike as I did going down Castle Hill on packed snow. There are photos here, by the way, taken on Thursday night and Friday morning.

It's almost all gone now, which most people would say was a good thing. Cambridge doesn't cope very well with that much snow hurled at it like that. But at least there's an excuse - it's very rare in the south-east of England, whereas in Sheffield, they get snow that deep (if not blizzards that nasty) every year and the entire city still folds up at the sight of a snowflake. I used to get several days off school each winter. Once, in Birmingham, I got several weeks off, not because of snow, but because of ice - the toilets, which were outside, were frozen over, so we couldn't go to school.

There is another chapter of The Boy and the Darkness up here, for those of you who haven't already seen the announcement on the wiki or the more page. I'm also working on some more of the First Story - again  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 4th February '03

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