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We had quite a storm on Sunday. Moonshadow and I woke up to a howling gale and the roof blowing off the flats next door. Some of the cars in the car park were trashed by bits of falling roof, and the gardens of the houses behind the car park were full of cladding. It was quite spectacular, and rather scary.

We didn't suffer any house or car damage in the storm, but Ellie escaped the night before and she hasn't come back. We put up those sad little notices today, the ones that say; 'Missing: black cat' or similar and have a blurry photo of a cat that could be anybody's. Murphy has become quite clingy in the absence of her companion.

Going out today, I saw two girls in the process of phoning the number on the poster we put up about Ellie. I asked them, and they pointed me to a dead black cat on the side of the busy main road that runs by our flat. Thankfully, it wasn't Ellie, but she is still missing and some other person has lost a cat...  :(

- Sun Kitten, 29th October '02

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