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We didn't get any trick or treaters last night. I was quite disappointed. I had planned to open the door to them with Cinnamon in my hands and say 'I'm glad you've come, it's almost feeding time'. However, Cinnamon frustrated my plans by getting ready to shed her skin, which means she looks grey and acts lethargic, which is no use when you want to scare people. So I resorted to having my black cape near the door and my lovely Nerf crossbow (2 feet long and shoots big foam darts pretty accurately; a very useful thing for a hydrophobic assassin). But it wasn't needed *sigh*

In keeping with the mood, we got a wonderful advert at the lab today. We don't use blood products, so I have no idea why we got this, but I thought it was funny and rescued it from the bin. The front has a mirror (sort of) on it and underneath it says 'If you can see yourself here you're safe to look inside*'. Inside, the '*' says 'However, if you're a creature of the night, maybe you need a different supplier'. There's a list of blood products and a nice blurb about the company producing them. Then underneath the blurb is a little paragraph that reads 'Incidentally, if you couldn't see yourself in the mirror on the front and you're still reading, we've got some bad news for you. You're likely to be a vampire, and while [company] offer this wide range of products for people working with blood, we draw the line at supplying snacks for the undead'.

It made my day, anyway.

- Sun Kitten, 1st November '02

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