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What a funky weekend  ^.^

I've tried about three times now to say something coherent about what we did, but it's not coming out right and it's not all that interesting anyway (unless you were there, in which case you already know what happened). So I'll say it all in a jumbled fashion and if you're really that bothered (or bored) you can sort it out for yourself  ^.^

Full Metal Panic. Music videos, 'Nyo is War' (scary Dejiko!), 'Chantilly Lace'. Funky people. Read or Die. Kazuhiko-sama. GTO. New people from Moonshadow's work. Fruits Basket. Food cooked by Moonshadow (this is always a good thing). Late night. End of Hellsing (the end, but not the conclusion..). Friends who haven't watched any anime before. Utena 34-36 on Sunday (wonderful, wonderful university anime club; we'd given up hope of seeing the end!) Lazy Sunday. The best episode of Captain Tylor to show to a friend who missed it on Wednesday. Getting the next chunk of the First Story all drawn; it should be up soon. Starting from scratch and finishing Thursday's strip all in one evening.

Ahhh, kimochi!  >^.^<

- Sun Kitten, 14.5.02 (actually, very late on the 13th..)

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