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I found a new web manga today (actually, Kazu did and passed it on, but anyway). It is really well done, well drawn, perfectly laid out (I so want to be able to do real manga layout..) and it's got a good storyline. I spent most of the day looking at it and drooling, and being envious. Interestingly, one of the characters looks remarkably like Yozhik, which I think lends support to my theory that anime and manga characters are all recycled endlessly. We have a suspicion that Mokona earns a little extra on the side by playing Ruby-Eye Shaburanigudo (the Dark Lord of Slayers, yet another one of Lina's victims..). And everyone knows what the Hikari no Ken (sword of light) really is. Looks like props are recycled too..

*cough* I'm getting carried away - almost forgot to add the link. It's called Eversummer Eve. Check out the character called Alasdair McBride...  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 17.5.02

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