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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Since I last wibbled in this off-centre version of a diary (actually, it's way more up to date than my real diary. Maybe I should give up trying to use a paper one?), we have not only seen the end of Utena, we have also seen Att.. Attack.. - no, I can't make myself say it. We saw Star Wars ep 2 on Friday (what an horrendous title! It made me wince to see it across the screen in gigantic letters). Needless to say, one was far better than the other despite really *really* bad quality pre-DivX rips (thank you CUCAS person very much for giving them to us!)

The end of Utena was quality. I can't say much more without giving bits away, but it was well worth waiting for. I now am longing for the rest of the DVDs (we have the second half of the first story arc) so we can show it to lots of people! It will be a novel experience to be able to watch them all, in order, from a good quality source. Rumour has it that the Black Rose Arc is out this summer, so we'll be looking for them and the first one at AX.

Star Wars. Well, it was better than the first one but that's not hard. It's not giving away much if I say that not only was Jar Jar on screen for about ten minutes, it was also all his fault! The downfall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Empire were both his doing. It's really funny if you think about it.
I shan't say much else 'cause you all have either seen it, heard about it already or don't care. Two more things, though. Yoda - wow. That was so good! And there's an interesting argument here for the essential goodness of the Empire. Can anyone think up an argument refuting it? I can't  ^^;;

Anyway, have a good week. Back on Friday.

- Sun Kitten, 21.5.02

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