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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I'm so tired. I'm supposed to be doing a talk this Tuesday for my lab. Last time I did a talk, it took a week to prepare. This one took half of Friday and all of Monday (it was a long Monday). All the graphics are really fiddly. Plus, I have to work on Adobe Photoshop (on a Mac! The horror! ;) and I do know people say good things about it, but I'm afraid it irritates me. Three things especially; one, no capture function (see the first image linked below, which I captured using PSP). Two, stupid text options. Three, non-intuitive layer organisation. I spent all day, nearly, trying to get it to work. This evening, I sat down with Pen at a friend's house and fixed up today's strip, Thursday's strip and a good chunk of the next page of the First Story (teaser image below), all within three hours. So I will continue to be irritated with Photoshop. It gives me something to whinge about.

The images I worked on: here is an image of a web page produced by the BLAST engine. BLAST is a wonderful service - you enter a sequence of DNA or amino acids and it returns similar sequences from within its database (it's more than just a perl-script - there's some specific detail in matching certain pairs in sequences). Since it has a fair number of genomes (including my oh-so-beloved Anopheles), and it also has a number of individual genes from not-yet-fully-sequenced beasties, it provides a very valuable resource.
Here is an image from the second page of the third chapter of the First Story. It is in fact the next image in the sequence. I haven't finished the page yet, but I was quite pleased with how the image turned out.

Moonshadow has a big thick furry fleece he wears when it's particularly cold like it is right now. He left it on the bed before we went out tonight. We came back to find Murphy curled up in it, with just her ears and the top of her head poking out. She looked like she belonged on one of those cute postcards  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 10th December '02

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