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Our logs make for interesting reading sometimes. It's fun to find out where people have come to toothycat.net from. It's always nice to find someone else who's linked to us. Many people get here from a search via google or some other engine. There are quite a few people that end up on the wiki from a search of some kind, which, without any familiarity with the format and concept of a wiki, must be somewhat confusing. We have had people very kindly emailing us (well, emailing Moonshadow) to warn us that our protection was broken and that anyone could edit the webpage (if you don't get this, check out WhatIsWiki. It's meant to be a free-for-all). The best search result so far, though, has been the one searcher who was looking for primordial water. Remember that? I hope they found what they were looking for..

Sadly, the most common visit is via an attack of some kind. We have filtered out Code Red and many other attacks, since it got too depressing to read the logs otherwise (90% of them were attacks). Most people don't realise their machine is busy probing other computers or sending emails at an astonishing rate. It's really nasty finding your machine has a virus as well, especially when it's one that's hard to get rid of. It feels almost like someone has been rummaging around inside your underwear drawer - unpleasantly invasive (I probably shouldn't get so attached to my computer  ^.^).

Speaking of spam, I read an amusing report today. A certain man in the US who has made a fortune from managing and selling bulk email lists (i.e., he coordinates spam and provides wannabe spammers with email addresses - yours and mine included, probably) has been targetted by some creative individuals. They put his name down for as many bulk snail-mail lists as they could find. The spammer has been deluged with catalogues, questionnaires, offers, credit cards, advantage cards, car deals, free papers, free pens, requests for money and probably AOL coastersCDs. According to the report, he has been protesting that he is being harassed. 'These people are out of their minds', he says.

Hmm.  ^.~

- Sun Kitten, 13th December '02

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