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There's supposed to be a secret society in one of the Colleges in Cambridge. You are initiated by the placing of a key, I think, outside your room. You are then supposed to use the key to gain access to a cupboard with a step ladder. You take the step ladder to the College Formal Hall, sneak inside (they're locked at night), and climb up the stepladder to the rafter where a plastic duck is sitting. You remove the duck and replace it on a different rafter. I can't remember whether you're supposed to take a photo to prove you've done it or not; probably not if it's at night.

Anyway, (part of) the reason I mention this is because I have long thought that this was true, if only because something so silly has a perfect place in this city. Sadly, now, I have reason to believe it yet another Cantabrigian urban myth. I went searching, on the Cambridge University servers and on google, and I could find no photos of ducks on rafters, let alone plastic ducks on Formal Hall ceiling rafters. It's very sad.

- Sun Kitten, 25th February '03

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