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With respect to the secret society I mentioned at the beginning of the week (here), I have been assured on several counts that varying versions are in fact correct. A friend sent me this email:

To: sunkitten@toothycat.net
Subject: Re: Secret Society.

It's true (well, the ducks in the rafters bit anyway). And it's Trinity. If you go to Formal Hall in Trinity, and look up, you might just be able to see the two ducks on the rafters. A friend pointed them out to me the one time I went there. I don't know if it's just a stepladder they use - those rafters are awfully high up. Apparently, the porters have instructions that if they suspect someone is moving the ducks, they are not to enter the Hall - it is deemed too dangerous to interrupt the person in the rafters.

The other accounts are all on the wiki, on this page. I love Cambridge; there are so many legends around. I favour the suggestion that the porters make them up and spread them around so students think someone else got there first and don't try anything similar.

Two more pages of the First Story are up. It's the London Anime Club this weekend  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 28th February '03

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