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When I was taught to play Magic: the Gathering, I was told that designing the deck was part of the game (sometimes referred to as the 'metagame'). Indeed, with some decks the game itself is quite mechanical. In a way, I think character design and stories are similar - at least half the fun is in learning about and exploring your characters. The story is almost second to that (which is another reason why there are so many characters about on the web whose stories have never been told, and never will be). I do like character design - sketching and re-sketching until the look and feel of the character is right - but I also really like playing with characters that have existed for a long time. I've been doodling at lunch recently, and the others in my lab can now recognise individual characters. I've almost got them used to referring to Saryth as 'he' not 'she'...  ^.^;;

- Sun Kitten, 19th November '04

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