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November 2004

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A Calculated Risk h38

The girl, in the thing, with the... yes, I remember. --Requiem goes off to find the strip
I am sooo glad that Rin is not a member of the Assassins' Guild... (not that I'm playing this term) - CorkScrew
*notes Rin down as a member of CUUOS*, agreed -- Senji.

Some great pics of /Rin in lethally efficient mode, to make a nice contrast with the really cute ones of her with milkshakes h37 last time we saw her :) And as for the girl in the timestopped photo, I know where h28 we've seen her before, and it's no surprise. If the rune means that this girl won't age, then I wonder  where the corresponding one is for Dairen, to allow him to travel round different universities for a thousand years? In her possession, if she's actually fully alive? Or something the MED carries on his person?
I'd assumed that the rune was just to stop the photo ageing, so he'd always have a piccy of his darling sis with him - CorkScrew
By the way, my first interpretation of the final few frames was that the FLASH was some kind of trap going off; the "Time to go" is /Rin running for it from the explosion, whose smoke we see in the next frame, and after that billowing out of the tower room from which she's climbed upwards for some reason. Hence being so scared. I assume none of that was correct, and the dark cloud was just a cloud? --AlexChurchill

more likely the flash was just from her camera. mmmm stealth rin.
did anyone else here think that it was all too easy - someone that old and powerfull wouldnt have left their apartment unguarded and unwarded - i smell a setup....[ i also smell chocolate cookies, but thats another matter] macloud

Shiny and evil.  I assumed it was photography, myself.  --Vitenka

Did anyone else find the 'Mission Impossible' music floating through their head whilst reading the strip ? --gerph
yup - CorkScrew

Epiphany w09

Yay!  Not a very sympathetic toothy-demon ;)  --Vitenka (I know.. I know..  Well, I don't.  But I'll pretend.)
Hmm, it looks like /Megaera has caught on. Thus confirming many many suspicions we all had. Good stuff :) - CorkScrew

Everybody knows, nobody thinks w10

He did deserve that, you know. - CorkScrew

quck edit: in frame nine, where meagan says"everybody knows.." i saw what looked like in the top right by the books the words "mae..." mistake or deliberate?macloud
That's someone muttering "Meg..." in the background. - CorkScrew
Oh, bother. Yes, it is, and I forgot to give it a bubble. Well-spotted - sorry ^^;; - SunKitten
I thought it looked fine as it was, albeit a bit mixed in with the bookshelf - CS
Now fixed, thanks :) - SunKitten

Voice of reason med01

So you should be. --Requiem

'It is time' med02

eep, scary - CorkScrew
And "mmm, /Rin".

The eternal debate med03

Eep! --Requiem
More like Oops, I think. Silly silly Rin - CorkScrew
Yes, very scary. But why the name? Is it just because it's one of the most oft-repeated lines in fiction, "Are you sure about this?"? --AlexChurchill
Why Me?
It's an overly obscured reference - sorry. Try looking at h38 and you might get a hint. It's not particularly important to the story, anyway - I'll try and remember to mention it on Tuesday... - SunKitten
The hint being that the MED has the means to summon /Niea? --AC
Yes :) - SunKitten

'A human component' med04

OK, now I'm even more convinced than I was before. The /MED is trying to ressurrect his sister. The spell probably has a variety of side effects; one of these will be conservation of human lives, unfortunately for /Niea (and possibly /Rin, too....) --SF
Eeeek! Toothycat is getting scaaary... - CorkScrew the sissy man
Unconvinced - the mandala looks very much like a phoenix to me...  --Vitenka
You know, you're completely right. I even spent a while staring at it thinking "That's so reminiscent of the runes on the walls in FullMetalAlchemist", without ever noticing what /else/ it was reminiscent of. --AlexChurchill
I saw "mmm... astrological symbols." --Requiem
I continue my squeaking sounds. Mmm... evil. --Requiem

I can't cope with the cliff hangers anymore!  Please, just take a week off and finish writing it to put me out of my permanent state of anticipation and worry --Sally

All that's needed to make this completely like the experience of watching anime in MoonShadow's room is for him to say smugly 'Ahh, this episode' (or maybe in this case strip) at the beginning of each new one after having left us on a cliffhanger a week earlier... :) --MJ

Damnit SunKitten, if you keep on putting cliffhangers like this in then I'm going to be forced to read the archives and become a frequent reader to work out what's going on. --Edith

nooo - dont go, its a trap!
[ahem] sorry. p.s. DAMN YOU  SunKitten macloud

The Gate is opened med05

The plot thickens... apparently /MysteriousEvilDude didn't realise his parents survived. And he killed his familiar cos the dumb critter burned the town down and killed his sister. And he's talking to his sister now, who is apparently slightly irritated with him. Sisters, huh? /MysteriousEvilDude, I feel your pain... - CorkScrew

MaintainMe: Something is seriously messed up with the index link generator. The link it makes with the text 'The_Gate_is_opened_' is http://...0411#The_Gate_is_Opened - it adds a capital and removes the trailing _. Which means the links aren't working, and neither are most of the others on previous pages... >.< - SunKitten

'No longer a stranger' med06

Yay!  SympatheticEvil? to the end.  --Vitenka (Does a single strip count as foreshadowing though?)

Um... is it just me or has ToothyCat mostly run out of plot threads to take? Is a completely new storyline in the offing or are we stuffed?
We've still got to resolve the Phoenix.  We must be getting near to the end, though. -- Senji
Two months to go, effectively, which is slightly more than 16 strips. That's not very many... - SunKitten
You did say, a while ago, that it was a three academic year arc, after all.  And we've yet to resolve ShaAm?'s nefarious (yet toothily cute) plans.  --Vitenka
*crash* My coffee! --Requiem

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