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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I'm having a cable crisis. A week ago, my little graphics tablet died on me from, we suspect, a broken cable (carrying it around all day wasn't very healthy for it). MoonShadow bid on a nice one on eBay so I still have one - a rather better one, in fact. But last week, my laptop thought it was running on battery when it was connected to the mains and we concluded that the cable leading from laptop to power adaptor was dead. One trip to Computer Resale later (not as expensive as we feared), Pen has a power adaptor again but now the cable in my PCMCIA ethernet adaptor is being dodgy. I've been - reluctantly - using my USB ethernet adaptor instead. Strangely enough, that refused to work today but the PCMCIA one is functioning perfectly - or at least as well as it ever did. Maybe they're taking turns. I think I'm out of peripherals to break, except for the scanner, but parallel cables are easily come by  ^.^

Phoenix Feathers is now being organised slightly differently. We are proud to offer an archive indexed by date. This entire site was and is hand-coded, so has no nifty archivy thing like Keenspace does, for example. I hadn't realised this was a problem, but I can see why an date index would be useful. Not wanting to mess up my pretty index page, I wrote another one. They're linked to each other at the top. HTH, HAND  ^.^

Oh yes, and Meg's friend in the above strip is the same as in this one, but she, um, forgot her glasses. It's all too easy to do that, you see  ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 17th March '03

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