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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I managed to cut myself on a blunt object again today - one of the blunt eating knives we have. I was trying to open a tin of syrup for flapjack-making, and it slipped. Previously I've managed to cut myself with an unbroken cafetiere. It's not like there aren't enough sharp objects in the kitchen.

The next to last two pages of the First Story are up. Two more to paint, and then I'm taking a break to paint random things and - hopefully - make a costume for Ayacon. Speaking of Aya, I registered on the forum and made myself a little avatar, which I'm rather pleased with. Moonshadow insisted on making it the 'favicon', the image that, if provided by a site, sits next to that site on your favourites list and appears in the address bar. It's a bit too small to see much, though.

- Sun Kitten, 11th April '03

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