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Warning! Extremely bad for diets! :(

(people wanting the recipe, scroll down)

Vitenka doesn't like FlapJacks half as much as TreacleCakes?.  (The recipe for which is sugar, more sugar, and a lot of heat.)  Also, aren't FlapJacks supposed to be made with oats or wheat or something?  I see PeterTaylor already said that.  Damn, I have to say something else.  How about continued strangeness.  The reason I don't like FlapJacks much is that they're too chewy.  And yet pure toffee I do like.  Is it possible to make savoury FlapJacks?  Would anyone want to?

Also.  Mmmm.  Hunny.

One must also note however, that FlapJacks made by SunKitten have anti-predatorial skills in that they actually hunt down someone to eat them.  This behaviour became evident when some stowed away in my laptop bag when leaving SunKitten's residence...  The alternative, of course, is that they were just trying to use my laptop.  Given the household in which they were 'born', this is a definite possibility. - Kazuhiko

Perhaps SunKitten would like to put the recipe here.  FlapJacks are made with treacle or honey.  Some people can tell the difference.  They're really yummy and very hard to stop eating.

As requested:

8oz marge

8oz sugar

6oz crushed cornflakes

4oz flour (self raising, although why this should matter to FlapJacks is beyond me)
(PeterTaylor) Why you should want flour is beyond me. I use sugar, golden syrup, marge and oats.
Probably helps bind the cornflakes together. - MoonShadow
SunKitten: 'cause that's what the recipe says ^.^ Yours lacks the cornflakes as well, which is what I like about my recipe - I had to look quite hard for one that included the cornflakes. Once I found a recipe that worked, I stuck with it (apart from adding the interesting things). Which means I still put baking powder in with plain flour, even though I know not why FlapJacks need it :)

4oz porridge oats


interesting other things (I like apricot and glace cherry)

Put oven on to about 200 degrees C (Gas mark 6). Mix dry ingredients. Don't forget to crush the cornflakes. Melt butter and 2-3 tablespoons treacle/syrup/honey, don't let it boil. Mix in with dry ingredients and add the interesting ingredient if desired. Put in greased baking tray and firm down with spoon. Put in oven for 15-20 minutes. After they're done, remove and, while they're still hot, make indents with a knife to divide the tray into pieces. When they're cooled, they should break up nicely, although mine usually don't.

(PeterTaylor) Note: if using demerara sugar (which is a good idea - gives lots of colour and a deeper flavour), it's best to dissolve it in the melted marge and syrup rather than mix it with the other dry ingredients.

Don't forget to thoroughly lick the spoon and bowl after use.
Is this because... ... ... a good way to exercise off the calories so added is by playing a game of bowls?  --[AlexChurchill]

Hope that helps ^^ - SunKitten
Only to fatten up the ToothyWikizens ^_^ - Tsunami
Why would she want to fatten us up...? *think* Aaargh!  She's going to feed us to MurphyTheTrainedHuntingCat! ^^;;

SunKitten's FlapJacks have one fatal flaw...  They run out :( - Kazuhiko
Only when I chase them - Tsunami

SunKitten?  You didn't mention on the recipe above how many it makes?  --Kazuhiko
The above recipe will almost fill two trays, one 10" by 12" and the other 11" by 9". You get about 16 flapjacks out of the larger one and 12 from the smaller, but it depends how you divide them up. To adjust the recipe to fill both trays, make it 9oz butter/sugar, 6.75oz cornflakes, and 4.5oz oats/flour. Put all the dry ingredients together as usual, then set 11oz of dry mixture aside in another bowl. 4oz of melted butter goes in the 11oz of mixture, which fits into the smaller tray. 5oz of melted butter goes in the rest of the mixture, which just fills the larger tray.
Obviously, you adjust it for the trays you have, and the number ultimately depends on how large you like to cut your flapjacks. HTH - why do you want to know? - SunKitten

*mumbles around a mouthfull of flapjack*  No reason ^^;;  Not knowing, I put the mixture into a 9" square and have ended up with quite thick flapjacks, but they seem to have worked...  :)  Thanks for the recipe :)  Oh, and from a 'points' point of view, the mixture comes to 57.5 points for the batch...  Which comes to a fraction under 3 points per flapjack for the twenty I cut.  This means I'm allowed to eat 7 flapjacks a day as long as that is all I eat...  Sounds good to me :) --Kazuhiko
Hmpf...  Not as good as SunKitten FlapJacks...  Hmm.  Is it just me, or does that sound marketable?  "SunKitten FlapJacks"... --Kazuhiko

Rachael also likes [this recipe] (putting it here primarily so I can find it again)

hart leaves a few helpful notes for Americans, in order of intended hilarity:
Kazuhiko actually did this once, at least for the measurements, but forgot to link it here: /USTranslation

200 C is about 400 F - or 392F for MathMos with very precise ovens.

What they call treacle in the UK, we call molasses in the US.  Their word is better because it lacks the referance to small, furry posteriors.
I thought molasses was something with oats in?  --Vitenka
No, it's never been that. I thought it was unrefined sugar, which is a little closer to the fact - SunKitten
Hmm.  I was basing this on some googling I did with the intent making some of these.  So.. not molasses, SK? --hart

"8oz marge" refers to margarine.  It is not necessary to travel to your local truckstop to make flapjacks.  It is not recommended that you add 8oz of Marge to anythingEver
Your ounces are a different size from ours, IIRC.  Not that this matters, as long as everything is measured in the same type.  You'll just end up making more.  --Vitenka

If that last one didn't make sense, I think it's a bit like naming a character in a US TV show Randy, then having it imported to the UK.  You giggle because he smiles daftly and says "Hi, I'm Randy!" even though you've seen it all before. --hart
Uh - "Randy" makes a pun (Randy being another word for 'horny' and the plethora of other such mildly amusing 'thog wants to mate' type terms.)  I wasn't aware of 'Marge' having such a meaning?  --Vitenka (Assuming it's not a TheSimpsons? reference?)
No, it's more that we don't have that abbreviation in common use out here, and it's quite a graceless name - the sort of name one would associated more with a truckstop hostess or grade school lunchlady than a fashion designer or tennis pro.  I suppose it's more the reverse of the Randy situation - it's a perfectly innocuous bit of slang in the UK that translates into a rather unfashionable name in the US.  A bit less funny because of the lack of innuendo but I still laughed in a "soilent green?" sort of way when I considered the concept before I disambiguated the abbreviation. --hart

Should you ask for flapjacks in an American restaurant, you'll get the bits of batter fried in oil that we more commonly call pancakes.  I'd be rather disappointed if I expected these and got those, so CaveatEmptor? and all that.
You will?  Dare I ask what you get if you ask for PanCakes??  (Since I got what I expected)  --Vitenka
You'll get PanCake?s, of course.  As far as I knew before I found this page, pancakes and flapjacks were the same things.  From what minimal googling I did the terms appear to be used interchangably out here, so it's probably not a case of personal ignorance.
Note that an English pancake and an American pancake are not the same thing.  An English pancake closely resembles the French crepe while an American pancake is, well, umm, fatter?  Not sure how to describe it in a non-referential way but more cakey than the English one. --K
MoonShadow: [[American-style pancake] [English-style pancake] (with blueberry jam, for some reason) [Russian-style pancakes] (made with prostokvasha)


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