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I'm in mourning for the long weekend - it was over before I had a chance to appreciate it. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. We got a chance to lie in late and watch lots of anime, we managed a trip to Camden Town on Saturday, and on Monday, we went shopping for books, which I always enjoy.

During the weekend, I finished two watercolours. I'm getting rather disillusioned with my scanner, which turns dark colours to unredeemable black, which is a very annoying feature. One of the pictures is of Shara and Jasmine from the First Story, somewhat older than they are in the current time frame (this was unintentional). I'm going to add text and make it the T-shirt image at our cafepress store in the next few days - hopefully tomorrow. The other was drawn and painted for Easter, so if religious imagery irritates you, don't look here.

Back to work tomorrow. I'm going to start planning my costume for Ayacon. And I'm wondering about making some plushies, which would be fun. All in my copious free time, of course  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 22nd April '03

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