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Something not found at the UniversityOfCambridge.  It is rumoured to exist in the RealWorld.

Believe me, it doesn't. - Kazuhiko
Oh, it does exist - but only if you're out of work and thus don't have the money to enjoy it properly. --Steve

Those that have it may find the game [Insaniqarium] amusing. Those that don't are advised not to click on that link. (Link requested by Alex - I felt this was an appropriate place to put it).

I found it. Thankfully, due to reinstalling Windows a few days later, I no longer have the cookie, and thus the attraction has greatly waned. OTOH, I have 2 example sheets to do in 80 minutes, and I'm posting here... ChrisHowlett

There's something a little dodgy going on here as an almost identical game appears on the [Popcap Games] site.  The popcap version seems a little more nicely put together as well, without the glitchy graphics I got from the fresh pulp version.  Popcap is in CategoryTimeSink, and a good place to waste any FreeTime? you have going anyway :) - Kazuhiko

see also pages in CategoryTimeSink

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