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A week or so ago, we had a bank holiday. On the Monday, Moonshadow and I went bookshopping with the remnants of the book tokens we'd been given for Christmas. We bought a book I've been wondering about for ages; a book called 'Finders-Seekers'. The blurb on the back didn't sound hugely promising - it seemed a bit like a Mercedes Lackey book but with cats instead of horses (ghatti instead of Companions, for the purists). I do like Mercedes Lackey but don't feel the need to buy her books new. However, I was pleasantly surprised - it was actually refreshingly different and rather good.

Some books are written so that every chapter you're teetering on the edge of an unexplained mystery, which can get irritating if it's taken too far. I found, in 'Finders-Seekers', a mystery that was both explained and furthered well enough to keep me going all the way through. I bought the other two books a few days later (Moonshadow let me use the last book tokens) and it's such a good feeling, to have a book you know is good, and is long, and has another one after it.

The author is Gayle Greeno, and the other two books are called 'Mind-Speakers' Call' and 'Exiles' Return'. If you know or suspect you have the same taste in books as I do, it's worth looking them up in the library, in my opinion  ^.^

Since the First Story chapter 3 finished, I've had a bit more spare time. These designs are a result of that. As to the Aya costume designing, I'll get around to it. Eventually  ^.^;;

- Sun Kitten, 2nd May '03

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