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It's the Bank Holiday season! I love the feeling of having an extra day to lie in on. It was especially nice this week because Sunday was an LAC day, and although I do enjoy them very much, they're rather tiring.

We had friends over this Monday afternoon, and one of them asked to watch more Utena. Revolutionary Girl Utena is ostensibly an anime about a girl in high school who has become embroiled in a set of mysterious duels which are something to do with the (equally mysterious) Student Council. She is permitted to be a duellist because she has a ring bearing a rose emblem, which was given her when she was a very small girl. The winner of the duels gets to be engaged to the Rose Bride, a very quiet girl named Anthy. Anthy is totally submissive to the winner, whoever they might be.

The story is a wonderful fairy tale spanning 36 episodes. I have come to the conclusion that it does not try to give a moral or make a point. There are a number of anime that do, like Now and Then, Here and There, for example, and they do it very well. But Utena is a story told for the beauty of the story itself, and it is very, very well done. Moonshadow and I started watching it five years ago and only recently finished it. Yesterday afternoon, watching it and watching our friend watch it, I was surprised by how much is there under the surface - all the things you can spot when you know the end of the story. I am really looking forward to showing it at Wednesday Anime, and even more looking forward to getting the rest of it on DVD  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 6th May '03

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