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The strips are indentified by letters and numbers. I have been working my way through the alphabet but I got a bit worried since we've got up to 'u' and there's a year or so to go, so I've started using alternative letter combinations. These three strips have been 'pn', and the student committee ones are 'sc' (this information isn't necessarily going to be helpful to plot monkeys, since the strips are named after their inspiration - on several occasions, strips have been named such that they don't fit in at all with their 'relatives' except for one insignificant detail which is all that remains of the original plan). But anyway, two of the genes I study are called scute and pannier, which are abbreviated to sc and pnr. I have thus been referring to these series of strips as 'scute' and 'pannier', which amuses me. I don't expect this to be of much interest to anyone but I'm feeling like rambling, so there  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 2nd March '04

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