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March 2004

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'... if you'll help me'  pn03

I'm not normally a fan of chibi moments (in this or other manga), but I thought /Nikolai's expression in frame 7 was magnificent and perfectly appropriate. One has to wonder what kind of help /Peri has in mind... I guess it will be fun finding out! --AlexChurchill

Ooh! Spotted something. k02 A reason! --Requiem
And something else! p05 ^_^ --Requiem

Frustrating Research  h22

Oooh, plot, and /Rin looking very cute (Frame 2 especially. Not sure I like the hair up). --CH
I'm in two minds about the hair... -- Senji
Bets she's researching the /MysteriousEvilDude? And that that's /Niea going to report to him in the last frame? I think he has a new recruit... --CH

'Tamma says...'  u05

Could someone explain to me the word 'Nimmyenda'? That's the second time /Nagi's said it. --Requiem
Check the DungeonKeeper page.  Amusingly, we have a GoogleWhack? contained purely within ToothyCat on that word.  --Vitenka
Very /RealLifeInspirations... --MJ

For future reference, when cursing, how is it pronounced? ;)  --Vitenka
"Nimmie - yen - der!" --AlexChurchill, who hates the fact that his first thought on reading frame 2 was "Somebody set up us the book!"
Heh.  I meant the replacement for Sugar, actually ;)  --Vitenka (Hmm.. now I have images of ToothyCat brand nutra-sweet.)
Are you asking how to pronounce "shibboleth"?  'Cos that's pronounced pretty much the way it loooks. --M-A''
No, he means everyone's favourite ToothyCat, so that he can call down misfortune upon demand. I think; hence where I put the comment. --AlexChurchill, just glad nobody's called the daemon "He Who Must Not Be Named" yet
(shibboleth) Unless you're an Ephraimite, in which case you can't pronounce it -- Senji

Another example of bad things happening when someone says "/Shaam" - interesting... --M-A
And this time, /Megaera seems to have noticed... --CH
I've found r02 "All the coffee", after wrestling with the Wiki (it's really hard to do a backlink search for PhoenixFeathersComments/Shaam when that page is a redirect). What others are there? --AlexChurchill
We did this a while back, so it'll be one of the other comments pages. Of the top of my head, however: The whale skeleton collapsed after someone mentioned Sha'am, Peri spilt ink on her essay afer Nikolai "impersonated" Sha'am, Kurai dropped a chemical after someone asked him about Sha'am. --CH

And of course, be careful not to be so intrigued by the little jinx daemon that we neglect to notice how wrapped /Kurai is becoming around /Tamma's little finger :)
Oooh, good point.  Nice distracting with the shinies, but it really comes across as cold when read with that in mind.  --Vitenka
This is actually a very clear follow-on to u03. One does wonder what happened to u04, though. --AC
It wasn't very interesting. I'll put it up when I get round to putting it together (yes, last week I drew three strips >.<) - SunKitten

Recognition sc09

Interesting comic, and good luck at the con.  --Vitenka (I'm completely giving up on character recognition though, and am sticking with just enjoying the pretty pictures.  Hope you don't mind if I misunderstand the plot greatly later on)
It's /Megaera going to see the /SnowBallCommittee (as she said she was going to sc08), then wondering if the one on the right is actually /Yozhik (based on flashbacks). --M-A
So, the meeting that /Yozhik's been trying to avoid is happening. I note that she's brought /Daedalus. (And I *love* the Mikage Seminar reference, even though the /StudentCommittee? are more normally paralleled with a different group from the same series) --AlexChurchill

Confrontation sc10

I assume the "You can't possibly" was she can't know, rather than she can't tell? And... we have a reasonable idea how she knows who the Secretary is, but has anyone seen any info on any secret identities of the other /StudentCommittee? members? Or is it a big bluff on /Megaera's part, and she took a gamble which paid off on /Yozhik playing along?
Other things... /Daedalus is both a symptom of disaster and a cause of it? Mist-ee-rious...
Very cool strip, anyway. Confrontations are usually exciting, of course, but they do have to be told well.

I also like that there is only one Wiki ;) She says "the wiki" assuming they'll understand, and they seem to ;)  --AC
It's CantaWiki of course! :)  --Vitenka

Frustration sc11

(PeterTaylor) So you do receive an M.A. wearing a B.A. hood? You should have mentioned it earlier - I have one I'd have lent you.
Well, yes. In all graduations, TTBOMK, you wear the garb appropriate to the degree you already have, or an undergrad gown and BA hood if you have none. So since the DipCompSci doesn't count, I wear a BA gown and hood. I already have the gown :) Thanks for the offer - we might take you up on it for MoonShadow's 'graduation' - SunKitten
No, you always wear the gown of your current status, which might be a BA or MA status gowns instead of an undergraduate gown if your first Cambridge degree is a postgraduate degere. -- Senji
Yes. My current status is BA so I wear a BA gown and hood. Would a BA graduate from a different university about to graduate with a Master's from Cambridge wear a BA gown or an MA gown?  - SunKitten
If they were under 24 then they would be BA status and wear a BA status gown (like a BA gown, but without the strings).  If they were over 24 then they would be MA status and wear an MA status gown. -- Senji
That would be connected with the 'over 24 to vote in the Senate House' thing, I suppose. It's all rather daft, but at least the people in Ryder and Amies know what I'm supposed to be wearing :) - SunKitten

Is anyone else reminded of PhilipPullman? here? (And I'm intrigued - what's the music you have in mind, SunKitten? :) --AlexChurchill
What reminds you of PhilipPullman?? The music is a lovely piece by Adiemus which gets played on ClassicFM? quite frequently. I'm going after the CD on my way home... - SunKitten
"To separate a bonded mage from her familiar would cause irreparable damage". I'm not sure in context it's meant at all in an "intercision" way, but that's what the phrasing reminded me of :) --AlexChurchill

From the comment about what to do after PF, roughly how much longer will PF be running? --K
Until next February - three years in total. I think it's always been three years, once I actually thought about the time to run. Three years RT = 3 terms/one year PF time - SunKitten

Yozhik's Choice sc12

This may not be quite the expected response, but: "Ack, Ick, Ugh - cute overload! {dies}"  --Vitenka

Well, I liked it. Warm and fuzzy feelings all round... --Requiem

An Ideal Man pn04

(PeterTaylor) "The principle of conservation of cliché" - magnificent.
Yes, AC loved this (and the fact that /Nikolai managed to persuade /Peri to come to a film called The Vector Space) also :)

Have I missed something here? (More than likely...)  I thought /Sylvai was after one of the /SnowBallCommittee.  Does she think that's /NikolaiIs it?  (Seems too twisty.)  Or is she just jealous/envious of anyone else who finds someone?  Confuzzled as usual, MJ
It's rather confusing.  However, this is what I think is going on: /Sylvai thinks that /Peri is talking about /Yozhik (note that /Nikolai's name is never mentioned), presumably because /Sylvai can't imagine any girl fancying anyone other than /Yozhik. --M-A
I interpreted it as MJ's last suggestion: that /Sylvai is just envious of them actually getting together, and perhaps deciding her obsession over her Committee member is too separate from reality. I could add more comments about the way she's been acquiring an actual social life recently, giving her the opportunity to see the difference between fantasy and "reality" and so on, but it's all a bit speculative at the moment. --AlexChurchill
Oops, MJ was not paying attention, as usual.  He failed to notice that all the boxes with /Nikolai in were round-bordered and therefore flashback, he though /Nikolai was actually present, making such a mistake difficult.  Now I understand...

Mysterious Research h23

It's a computer with a sweatdrop!
Indeed. Much mystery - even a mention of the N****W****. And Rin continues from h22 her research - one surmises from the "my Lord" comment that it's into her former master the /MysteriousEvilDude. His former supervisor "retired" at the same time he came to Cambridge, eh? Cough, cough. I don't think I get the significance of the final frame, though - what am I missing? Is what MED wrote for her particularly similar to what his mentor wrote for him? --AC
It's both that, and the signatures are almost identical. I think /Rin suspects them of being the same person - which would explain the MED's sketchy background. It would make him unnaturally long-lived, though. --CH
"Yeah, I'm stepping down. Sometime tomorrow a replacem,ent for me should show up. He looks remarkably like me, except he doesn't dye his hair gray, and walk with a stoop. I doubt you'll see me again."?  -- TI
I think he moved institutions - witness "transferred here". --CH

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