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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I need someone to write me an advert for Looking for the Sun and Concerning Research. They should be about one or two longish sentences, so fairly succinct, and they're to go in future doujinshi (amateur comics in a manga style) from Sweatdrop as adverts - usually in the back cover. I'm absolutely useless at doing them - I find the blurbs hard enough to write - so I'd be very grateful if someone would suggest something. Pretty please? ^.^

I have one more pad from a make-your-own-mousemat kit. To my surprise, the mats seem to be decent quality (always provided I don't mess up, which is what happened to the first one). If anyone wants one, let me know, and tell me the image you want. If enough people want them, I'll get more. 5 seems to be about right. Oh yes, and there are still T-shirts waiting to have Rin put on them if anyone wants one.

- Sun Kitten, mercenary mood, 13th April '04

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