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April 2004

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Saying 'Sha'am' u06

I thought u04 Dropping In was interesting. We've had a couple of tantalising hints about /Niea, but this is the most so far (even though there's not much there). What did she spend, like, all of Lent Term doing, that started with someone commenting on her PFLink: Alcohol Tolerance, and has resulted now in her t13 staying up all night, u01 trying complex modifications to her computer, u03 secluding herself from her friends, u04 missing lectures and h22 climbing the /MysteriousEvilDude's staircase? --AlexChurchill

(Incidentally, /Rin seems to be able to h20 name the S daemon with impunity. Why could this be? --AlexChurchill)

The wrong thing to say v01

AlanMycroft? lecturing, then.
I was trying to decide which of the sleeping CompScis was me, but then I remembered that I never did CompilerTheory? -- Senji
Whereas I have a horrible feeling I recognise the bushy hair of the quote-taker... The strip is quite interesting too (and not just because /Rin's outfit is fabulous). Is /Yozhik just paranoid about "fans", or...? --AlexChurchill
/SnowBallCommittee stalkers.  Uh, there's a page on CantaWiki somewhere. --Vitenka

Not one of the groupies v02

Hmm, love triangle forming. I can see /Megaera getting quite jealous... --CH
Nice to know that she doesn't think that she's one of the groupies.... --- Senji
I want to know what Rin's interest in her former master is all about. Is she planning to turn against him/her in revenge? If so then stalking Yozhik may come in second to joining up with Yozhik's group, who the evil dude believed were players. I'm just waiting for the inevitable (?) meeting of Rin and Niea in a social setting.

Mr and Mrs Ivanovich pn05

ohh - key reader senses tingling here, whats /Nikolai noted that /Peri hasn't?
woot! first time posting about the strip! --macloud
I was wondering whether he was just slightly disappointed that he wasn't being a rebel - CorkScrew
Hm. I'm sure there's evidence that although his parents are High Elves, they are kind of laissez-faire. It's hard to rebel against such people. MeThinks? time shall tell what /Nikolai is thinking... --Requiem

PhD Research h24

Pink Haze w01

Wow, /Megaera looks *evil* in frame 2. But it looks like she might be about to put two and two together, eventually...
Evil forgetting to remind me that pf was updated.  Cute, evil, plot.  Everything you could want.  As well as a wonderful theory debunking :)  --Vitenka

Unexpected Surveillance pn06

Delegation sc13

Heh.  The original plan appears to be "Keep quiet, bury our heads in the sand and hope that the problem goes away."  Which seems like a good solution to most problems.  Guess as to next event - evil minion and silly hair meet due to the 'borrowing' of the aether meter.  --Vitenka (Why am I minded of voltaic bridges?)
Well, it's not clear if "keep the aetheric levels down" is active or passive. (Mental image of the /StudentCommittee? stamping up and down on some gradually rising goo) And it looks like the backup plan involves rather more force than the Vice President would like."The girl" is interestingly ambiguous: I *think* their plan involves /Daedalus (given sc10 - note also "the first plan" in sc11, which sounds rather more serious than just burying their heads in the sand). But it may involve /Shaam. {CRASH!} Whoops. Have we seen, er, the toothycat since the /StudentCommittee? discovered he was hiding as a phoenix? Either way it seems likely that "the girl" is /Megaera... which makes me a bit suspicious why SunKitten chose to use the ambiguous phrase in this strip. Hmmm...  --AlexChurchill
Probably to make it sound less personal and more unfeeling. Regards aetheric levels, my interpretation would be that, since we know that spells raise the thaumic levels, and that aether is used to refer to 'mass' gain (duality anyone?) interlu2, this is a mild abuse of language talking about restricting the use of spells. - CorkScrew

Tracking Research h25

ChrisHowlett pays membership fee to RinFanClub. And the /MysteriousEvilDude seems to be bout 1000 years old - why does this not surprise me?
Are you saying there is a connection between these two things? --K
Yes. Evil dudes approaching a millenium naturally attract female student underlings who are inherently cool enough to justify having a fan club. --AC

Wow, that was a revealing episode. And I'm not talking about Rin's choice of clothing - CorkScrew

and why not? [drool] macloud

Wai! /Rin as cute as ever. /MysteriousEvilDude is more than he seems, apparently... :sits on edge of seat: --Requiem

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