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Wildercon was wonderful. If you haven't already been there, go back one strip for a bonus (scruffy) strip and an attempt at a report  ^.^

The thing I enjoyed most was meeting people. I got tea on Saturday morning and hot sake on Saturday evening from the nice people (aka 'the ones with beards') from Otaku Publications (plug, plug). The tea in the morning made me feel human again, and the sake at night was a great way of finishing the day. Mmmm. Before the sake, though, I was sitting drawing some of the next couple of strips and waiting for the barbeque to give me burgers, and three people sat down and asked for sketches. After I did a couple, they drew me some pictures, which was wonderful. That's the first fanart I've ever been given  *^.^*  and they're all so cute. I have since been informed that Yozhik has a fangirl at last (other than me, that is :), and all I can say is, it's about time.

Ah, what a wonderful weekend.

- Sun Kitten, 12th August '03

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