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August 2003

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Mostly Harmless t02

aka Exposition A Go-Go

Yay!  Someones been using ArsMagica terminology, sorta.  Biiiig strip.  Biiiig.  And roouuund.  Uh, no, not round.  Big though.  Person in bottom right of first strip looks like piro to me.  Two bits of dialogue stand out well.  The cluelessness inherent in "Why do they always sit next to me?" and the horrible foreshadowing of "never take in anyone else."  And of course the lots of books - harmless joke-thing.  Three.  Three standouts (etc.)  --Vitenka
Vitenka, your comments are wonderful.  They're like a spinoff comic strip all by themselves.  Aaahh...  --AlexChurchill
Uh, thanks.  I think.  --Vitenka

I hate to point this out, but isn't that a typo in the 5th panel?  "in a moss" -> "is a moss"? --M-A
Er, yes. Bother. That'll teach me to put these together during WednesdayAnime... - SunKitten

Incredibly cool strip.  Even though it's mostly in lecture format. I really like finding out about the magical background to the fantasy world being painted.  Twilight looks really cool.  And for possibly-connected reasons, I think it may prove entertaining, significant, or terrifying that Megaera lives next door to Professor Midsummer.  Although it may just be that SunKitten didn't want to create another teacher figure when there's a good one sitting around... I know I've done that in the past in those "hmm, I need another character from group Z here" moments.  --AC
It's important to keep ones SmallWorldSyndrome? quotient at the right level -- Senji
This is Cambridge we're talking about...  The world doesn't get any smaller :) --Kazuhiko
Oh, TrustMe.... -- Senji
Incidentally, Senji, I believe I saw you in the Castle yesterday? (PeterTaylor proving a point).
Funnily enough, MoonShadow and I saw him just outside the Castle.. - SunKitten
Might these facts be linked?  I was in the Castle yesterday :) -- Senji
Senji?  Ever get the idea you're being followed?  MuHaHaHa... --Kazuhiko
Or, indeed any larger.  KnownUniverse.  --Vitenka

Thinking out loud h14

Well, there are some pyjamas we recognise. And the text of the report was interesting, too - seems she's figured out that /Megaera 'has a Tiger Eye rank', and also has the /Phoenix as a familiar. Alas, the rest tells me little. I wonder if SunKitten actually wrote a full text, or just excerpts. -- TI

I wrote a full text. I don't plan where the speech bubbles go until the final putting together of the whole thing, so I couldn't have written excerpts :) - SunKitten

fiat lux q05

And the double meanings continue...  All is lovely.  --Vitenka
Awww.... --AnonymousMegaeraFan
That reminds me - I had a friend from Hong Kong at school who was very good at drawing Anime figures, and once drew some on the whiteboard when a teacher was really late for a lesson.  A week later, we were waiting for the teacher again, so we asked her to draw us some more people, so she drew a couple snogging.  The teacher wasn't too impressed when he turned up!  Not that that has anything to do with this strip, of course... --M-A

I like Megaera's sig.  Does it have a proper "-- "? :) -- Senji
Yup :) - SunKitten

Wildercon Special wildercon

SunKitten, even experienced campers can get in a mess putting up tents. I had great fun last July - thought for a bit the poles were the wrong length, couldn't get the pegs in the right place so the outer didn't touch the inner - and that was putting up a tent I'd helped put up probably 10 times before.

Request r04

Eh.  Nothing I particularly liked here.  Though I suspect this may have something to do with my failure to recognise two of the three participants in the discussion.  It just seems like a continuation of the previous 'take notice of me!  No me!  No me!  No MetaBunny!' to me.  --Vitenka (Hey, I can't like em all)
It's /Peri, /Sylvai and the other theologian, whose role seems to be to provide cynicism. --M-A
Calvinist, is she? :) -- Senji
Oi! (I did see the grin, but what about a wink as well?)

Hmm, is /Sylvai that hard to recognise?  I presume you knew /Peri.  As to nothing you liked, we have a bit more info about the /CalvinisticTheologian? and /Sylvai is growing outside of how she started...  We head for plot! --Kazuhiko
The big haired one I can recognise as the silly big haired one.  Other than that - nope, no idea whom is whom.  As usual, the fault lies on my end, but if there is going to be such a large cast of characters it is going to be a recurring problem for me.  As to nothing I liked - there was nothing wrong with it, just nohing that particularly made me sit up.  It seemed to just be a less interesting version of the conversations in the previous strip.  --Vitenka

Teehee.  I clicked "Previous strip" and found, um, the Wildercon page.  Which I don't think is quite what you meant, although I can never be quite sure... ;)  I think this strip is intriguing, though, for two reasons: one, it's interesting to see /Sylvai getting a social life beyond stalking ;) Particularly being so diffident, almost embarrassed about it.  She's acquiring an extra dimension, which has got to be good.  Secondly, because we know /Sylvai is an utter groupie of the white-haired committee member, who has been revealed to be /Yozhik.  I will be intrigued to see whether she recognises him, if so then how quickly, and what ends up happening with the resulting, um, love triangle ^^;;; --AlexChurchill
Oh, and the other theologian is called /Junia?, IIRC  --AlexChurchill

Whirlpool t03

Wow... scary!!  What kind of alternate dimension is this Twilight, anyway?!
(Random Vitenka-style thought - I bet Phoenixes can get there, or in the role of familiar help their master get there.  And I bet /Shaam can do funny things there.)
Hey!  Those are my thoughts, spiralling down into the hole.  Anyway, assuming that twilight is a reggio type effect, I would say that he went a little bit too far and that may have been related to all of the big magics going on and the already commented upon amount of background magics.  Regardess, I think we're about to get a "representation of your fears" type explanation from the chatty professor.  --Vitenka (My thoughts!  Give them back!)
You've been reading too many Summae again, 'tenka...

On a more frivolous note (laaeeaa), I note that /Peri has a rainbow-striped cloth bag, and big clunky boots :) I bet the boots are red and the cloth bag has little mirrors, right? :-)

Kazuhiko sends sympathy about the con-book image...  That sounds nasty :(

A sense of danger t04

Yea-ouch!  Fainting onto spiky collar... it hurts to think about it... MJ

Famous people r05

Like this one :)  Revelation, mis-direction and cute sweaters...  Now, why the tears?  Do you normally run away crying having discovered your idol?
I like /Nagi's reaction.  So true to the real Nagi... :) MJ
Simple. He just saw her when she hadn't spent four hours getting her hair just right.
The problem with meeting one's idol is the collision of two worlds - the world of your thoughts and the world of your friends.  It's like when your parents turn up to university and meet your friends and you're not sure how to behave. --M-A

As to the was-to-be-for-Aya picture, the mermaid's shoulder doesn't seem to be quite right but other than that it is very cute :)  Please tell me you didn't draw all those scales by hand O_O --Kazuhiko
No, PSP has a number of very useful effects, one of which is tiling :) What's wrong about her shoulder - do you mean the one covered by hair or the other one? - SunKitten
The one looping over the sea-monster looks a little stretched backwards to me...  maybe it's the position of the head next to it that's making me think it's not right.  Hmm.  Sorry to not be more use.  It's probably just me :) --Kazuhiko
It's the position of the shoulder.  Again, it could be just to do with where her head is drawn, but her right shoulder looks like it should bend just under her earring, rather than level with her eye.  Beautiful drawing, though, overall. --M-A
I think I see what you mean - the line where it joins her body is the outline of her head against her shoulder, not where the shoulder outline actually is.  It's not very clear. Thanks, though ^^ - SunKitten

Another day, another coffee r06

AC: So, /Rin is putting the pieces together, following on from h14 "Thinking out loud".  I hope she can come up with more of an explanation than we have.  She and we both know that /Shaam is connected to /Peri.  We know /Shaam is also connected to /Kurai blowing up the lab, but /Rin doesn't seem to have that location info (yet).  We know that /Shaam is also connected to /Daedalus and /Megaera, and /Rin's seen much of what's necessary to make that connection too - see n10 "One who saw", although we don't know if /Rin's shaken off the Professor Midsummer red herring yet.  We think /Rin has figured out how /Yozhik and the /SnowBallCommittee are connected to /Megaera and /Rin herself, although I suspect there's still lots we don't yet know about /Yozhik's involvement with the /SnowBallCommittee.  I don't mean that Professor Midsummer isn't involved - I just don't think it's significant that he lives next door to /Megaera and the site of the n09 "Fateful Exchange".  BICBW, particularly if his h12 being an Archmage of Twilight means that he can sortof walk through walls to the g01 Boiler Room in question.  Anyone else have any thoughts?
Do people reckon I ought to put discussion like this on some /SpeculationAndSpoilers?-type page, BTW?

On a different note: that [Meg desktop] is really pretty :)  --AC
Yay! :) --AnonymousMegaeraFan
Hmm, I prefer the /Rin [desktop]....
Oh, I'm still an unabashed member of the /RinFanClub rather than any /Megaera equivalent. I just wasn't that keen on the [Rin desktop].  --AC, wondering if he really ought to stop making comments like this

Familiar faces r07

I now understand what you were talking about on YesterdayILearnt - that's a lot of desktops!  But they do look good; I am tempted... --M-A
They do. I am so glad I've got WinWall setup on hourly rotation: it means I don't have to have those anguished decisions of "what do I select as permanent wallpaper", and PhoenixFeathers doesn't have to compete with [Omoi no Kakera ~close to~], but can happily coexist... I can just drop a few more images into the folder and watch them come round :)  In this case, the "all 6", "Nikolai and Peri", and maybe one or two others :)  --AlexChurchill
Oh, I don't believe in wallpaper rotation, but then I hardly ever see it anyway... :) -- Senji

The zipped .bmp's for the single-character desktops appear to be missing or mislinked; doesn't look like my dead link testing script picked it up - gomen ne, SunKitten.. Am going to tweak it at lunchtime so it pokes linked non-image files too. - MoonShadow
It should have been just Meg and Rin, and something very weird is going on. I corrected Rin's desktop, but I altered Meg's and it won't register the change. I even removed the d_meg.html file from the gallery directory, and the gallery index link still works - but now toothycat.net/d_meg.html also works, and gives the correct zip. I'm confused. On the chance it's caching problems, I'll bung it back in the gallery. If you want the zip, it's toothycat.net/zip/meg.zip - SunKitten
I am now even more confused. I made a copy of the meg.zip file and named it d_meg.zip so the unchanging link worked - and now the gallery/d_meg.html page has registered the changes I made twenty minutes ago. I'm a bit scared to alter anything now  - it works, so I'll just leave it ^^;; - SunKitten
links.pl now picks up everything (perl links.pl | less so you can see what it actually followed). I've gone through and fixed all the broken ones. - MoonShadow
How many others were there? - SunKitten
Four in total, I think. I've logged them :) - MoonShadow

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