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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

20 pages of 38 done. I had hoped to get more done this weekend, but a minor catastrophe occurred on Sunday evening which distracted me somewhat from all the scanning (next week's Phoenix Feathers, ten or so advent calendar images, and 20 pages of new comic are all still waiting to be scanned ;_;).

My computer broke. My faithful little laptop, which has stood up to four years of being continually carried around, which has been to New York and even the Statue of Liberty, upon which all of Phoenix Feathers and almost all of my graphics work was done, has finally given up the ghost. A month before Christmas, with exquisite timing, we are having to look into getting another computer.

The outlook is good, since I have Tuesday and Thursday evening free. I am still (over?) optimistically hoping to get the next long comic up by Monday of next week, and I am still managing the advent calendar, although I coloured today's image while holding my breath for fear of upsetting my fragile little computer again. Tomorrow's is going to be interesting. I apologise in advance for any possible delays with the advent calendar, but hopefully there won't be any. And Phoenix Feathers, of course, should be fine. I can put together two strips in one evening now, while watching anime. But that did rather mess up what was going to be a nice productive evening..  ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 8th December '03

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