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December 2003

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WikiResearch h19

Ok - nice recap there, with nice amounts of misunderstanding.  I am, however, confused about one thing... Why is she obsessing with the committee?  As far as I can see it's had no involvement at all, beyond one short conversation - which she just assumes the subject of.  I mean, for all she (and anyone without eyestrain) knows, it could have been about a late delivery of punch.
I also have to wonder, if we posted a whole bunch of rumours about the committee here, would it show up in her later net searches?  EvilGrin.
That... is an incredibly cool concept.  Obviously CantaWiki is not ToothyWiki, but there could well be enough overlap or bleed (or leak).  After all, the ChessyPig from CantaWiki also collects random quotes about a Committee.  --AC

Still, nice and focussed and thinks half the cast are irrelevant (if only - then I might be able to keep track) and missed the ToothyPhoenix? link.  And now on to the AdventCalendar.  I like it.  A beanie star and a fish.. a ShadowStar reference, or just appropriately daft cushions? ;)  --Vitenka
I approve. Muchly.  The "star" and "fish" labels are cute. I want a cushion like that.  --AC
The 'star' ones I have seen (sans label) - mostly in the same shops that sell giant stuffed tigers.  I wander into those shops, periodically, see, but have yet to convince myself that it's worth cycling home carrying a 12 foot long tiger.  The fish looks very very much like a BeanieBaby?.  --Vitenka (my sister has one)

Continuing the AdventCalendar things - I like, it's funny and don't her eyes hurt from staring in wonder for so long?  --Vitenka

Blancmange tout t12

The Advent Calendar may indicate you require a sanity check, but it is lovely and a regular daily stop for me now.  Preettyy Christmas SunKitten pictures :)
About the strip: "blancmange tout" is a wonderfully twisted concoction.  Well done to whoever put that name together.  And I love the random green blobby thing on the shelf by the kitchen door...  --AlexChurchill
Isn't it a plastic carrier bag, such as might come from Sainsbury's?
Hmm.  Awww.  You may be right.  ...Hmph.  It was so cute as a context-free little alien too.  ...I'm going to hold on to my mental image of PhoenixFeathers student kitchens containing random green blobby things, rather than boring white plasticky things.  In the face of all evidence.  --AC
It's interesting that you assumed it was green simply because of your earlier assumption that it was blobby. I wonder what other colour assumptions are made from a B&W comic strip. --M-A
Yes, interesting, isn't it?  I know it always surprises me when we see coloured PhoenixFeathers artwork, to see how brightly purple /Shaam is... he's never been anything but, but that was just not how I initially imagined him...  What else?  I wonder what colour /Sylvai's hair is...  --AC
I always assumed strawberry blonde. --M-A

Brightfeather Village r17

A fire like Cambridge's? Has PeterTaylor missed something? He thought the big fire (or Great Immolation if you prefer) was in [Oxford].
Mmmm... ditto.  The panicked and guilty look confuses me though - I thought this was about fire birds, not their handlers.  --Vitenka (Have you been taking naming lessons from Dickens?)
Look at [this strip] carefully. What are Kurai and Peri discussing at the beginning? How long do they say the Great Immolation lasted? Now look at what Peri is saying to Yozhik about the Oxford firestarter. Is there a contradiction? Has Oxford been mentioned before in connection to the Great Immolation? Why is Peri mentioning it now? - SunKitten
You're right - it's a MemoryHole?.  I remember oxford being mentioned neart the great fire, and associated the two, when in fact it was being mentioned as a CounterExample.  --Vitenka
Yep, for once someone made a PhoenixFeathers misinterpretation that I didn't!  Woohoo!  I don't /think/ we've been told the Great Immolation was in Cambridge, though, so "fire like Cambridge's" might not necessarily imply "like the Great Immolation".  Unless any keen-eyed reader can point me to something I'm forgetting.  As for the panicked look, I suspect we'll be given more info soon as to why.  Maybe /Megaera is from Brightfeather village, or something.  The name does seem to suggest it's an ancestral home for /Phoenixes or something :) --AC
Oh, I assumed she was - but that still doesn't explain the look.  Unless she was responsible for that fire (and by extension the whole immolation) which seems a little hard to swallow.  Annd, noticing the poster-but-one was SunKitten, I just have to say "What, you mean you don't know either?" --Vitenka (In jest)
We already know that /Megaera has childhood memories involving houses burning down, and has recently been having nightmares about that.  Perhaps she hasn't told people about that part of her background, and so is worried that /Peri will now turn round and say, "Oh, /Megaera, don't you come from Brightfeather village?  It's the look you get when something from your past that you wanted to forget suddenly resurfaces, out of context. --M-A
Ah yes, someone ought to read "A study of the effects of supernatural fire on human aetheric channelers in infancy" r16 --Mjb67
Wow.  And again wow.  Well done SunKitten for hiding that hint back there, and well done Mjb67 for spotting it.  How many other hints are scattered through the archives, one wonders? :D  --AlexChurchill
Muahahahaha >:) - SunKitten

Oh, and severe sympathy about the laptop... and the Advent Calendar continues to be wonderful :) --AC
It does, indeed.  How about "Sha'am the toothycat, was a minor demon cat - with fluffy ears and four small feet, and quite a nasty bite..."?  Or maybe some horrible rework of jingle bells?  --Vitenka
Only just noticed this. Sha'am has two feet, like all toothycats. I appreciate that this is not obvious, due to excessive fluffiness (oh, that whole sentence makes me want to go to sleep. I'm so out of it) - SunKitten
He does? O.o;; MoonShadow
Yup. I challenge anyone to look through all the representations of him and find one where he has more than 2 feet in view. A good place to start is probably the first Naze Nani Toothycat (nntc1) - SunKitten, avoiding doing any dissecting ^^::

Drastic action r18

Lovely.  Studying makes a wonderful cure for insomnia, doesn't it?  As for the laptop - those nubble thingies are also on IBM?s and personally, I loathe them.  Give me the GraphicsTablet interface any day.  Preferably one that recognises multiple fingers at once as different types of click.  AdventCalendar of the 11th is too dark to see, let alone read.  I think there's a hippopotamus in the middle but I'm not sure. --Vitenka
It's fluffier than that.  I think it's one of the girls from SunKitten's comics (the on with dark hair) sitting n the bak of a fluffy animal, looking away from the viewer at the lights in the sky. Can't quite make out all the words, though. --M-A
Save to desktop, MS Photo Editor "Autobalance".  It's a horse, and I don't recognise the carol, but it's lovely --AC
Yeah, sorry. My laptop has a bright screen, although it's not the only one. MoonShadow's is dark but not as dark as Vitenka's sounds *shrug* the carol is the Huron Carol, specifically written for the Huron Indians. It has a lovely tune - SunKitten
I'm really seeing a /Phoenix connection with /BrightfeatherVillage - flames that look like feathers, or ViceVersa?.  But if it's not just her nightmare, I can't square it with her adoption of the birdy.  Still, I'm sure we'll find out.  Sleepy fuzzy nightmare panels are nice.  --Vitenka
Well, I think it's been made fairly obvious (at least "strongly suggested") that /Megaera came from /BrightfeatherVillage, which had a big fire, with a /Phoenix involved (likely as a cause, by my interpretation of r08).  This is also likely to tie in with why she was adopted by /Daedalus, although can't see quite how yet.  Interesting that the children running from the village saw *two* firebirds... maybe it's named Brightfeather because it's a traditional Phoenix mating ground? --AC

On advent calendar:  Thank you for the Kazuhikan outfit :) :)  Very very cool :)  And the question, of course, is how many of those gifts come from the /LoveCommittee? *shudder* --K

AdventCalendar 14th Argh!  I had almost got that song out of my head!  Right.  "What's this? What's this?  There's something very wrong.  What's this?  There's people singing songs"  MuaHaHa?!  Revenge!  --Vitenka

To partially recompense for that:  [VistaScan] [WinSCP] for your news post.  --Vitenka

Moving in and out of dream makes the frames line up vertically - I am reminded of Chapter 5 of Watchmen when the flickering neon light of the diner
makes X patterns across the pages... I wonder what the symbology is here... III, the Roman numeral of 3 (a number of mystical significance).  Or, with the lower frames, the cyrillic letter tseh?--Mjb67

Convocation sc03

Oooo, what're they up to...?  And on other interesting notes:
I suspect the answer to both these points just might be... they're going to meet the as-yet-unseen /President? of the /SnowBallCommittee.  ("Better not keep him waiting...")  It will be interesting to see how much the Committee have picked up of what's been happening. --AC

Well, we've seen /Yozhik turn his hair all-white before, for Committee business... --AC
Indeed, but why? --M-A
Disguise? -- Senji
Possibly, although when we saw him with the committee here sc02, he had the usual half-and-half hair colouring. --M-A

Consultation sc04

Um.  I'm officially lost again.  Don't mind me, I'll just traipse randomly across the scenery until my mental processes happen across the strip again.  I think I took a wrong turn sometime up there when I last got pointed at the plot.  Has no one noticed the fire bird sat on Megaera's shoulder?  Or is he covering for THAT as well.  Sylvai is a cat?  And if you keep on changing people's hair colour (shading?) then I'm going to keep assuming that they are yet more new characters.  Seriously - do you intend to populate mythic .cam fully, or something?  --Vitenka
I'm not commenting on how the Committee are unaware of Daedalus, but they don't say there've been no phoenix sightings, just no more than usual.
Sylvai startled a cat, which yowled, hence Yozhik's saying that it was just a cat, even though he can see her running in the distance.
The characters present are Sylvai, Yozhik, the Treasurer, the vice-President and an as-yet-unknown character with a long ponytail. HTH - SunKitten
Replying from the POV of a reader, and thus free to rampantly speculate: note that /Yozhik blushes as someone says "No sir, I'm sure of that".  (Probably the VICE-President, but I'm really not sure - SunKitten's unattributed speech bubbles strike again ^.~ )  It certainly looks like /Yozhik is covering for both /Sylvai and /Daedalus.  The PhoenixFeathers/H16Translation suggests that his dedication to the Committee has previously been less than total.  I wonder whether he only dyes his hair white for public appearances and meetings with the President?  Given he's lying to them about at least two things, I can't imagine that it's the other way round and they're the only people for whom he removes a 50% black dyeing...  Oh, and I thought the shading of the exterior of the building at night was wonderfully done, particularly the penultimate frame with the window.  Although it took me three readings to spot the stone that /Sylvai kicked on either the frame where she kicked it or the frame with the wide-eyed cat.  --AlexChurchill

As a couple of days old comment to the advent calendar:  Aarrrgh!  I'm a plushy!  NOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo... --K
BwaHaHaHa.  I hadn't taken that in earlier.  I'm sure Devina will be overjoyed at her KazuPlushy?!  I see SunKitten's been having fun with Kay du Chaney in other Advent Calendar strips.  (Do I detect evidence of one or two of the days' pics being drawn straight onto computer, rather than scanned and coloured? You might, but it'd be misleading evidence - SunKitten)  I'm quite entertained to see /Yozhik and Nagi transported back to the 1400's to drink with Sal and Kay.  A meeting of potentially three different Cambridges.  Which is quite appealing :) --AlexChurchill

Suspicion sc05

Much intrigue!  Although we'd expect nothing less from the /SnowBallCommittee.  (I like the naming consistency in the Snow Ball Committee sc## strips, btw.)  And the speech bubbles are much more clearly attributed... thanks! ^.^  And, of course, MerryChristmas to you all too! :)  --AlexChurchill

Gasp! A plot? That's a novel idea...

'Whatever he says' u01

Cool. A new thread (u01 for those who don't pay attention to the numbers), and new subject matter it seems.  I think that's /Niea, but it could be some other member of the E.T. species.  If it's /Niea, might the "he" be him from sb06 "Alcohol Tolerance" way back in the /SnowBall thread?  I shall leave people to speculate until I can next get to a computer, anyway, which might not be till 10th Jan.  HappyNewYear one and all :)  --AlexChurchill
That would be my guess, I think. I do rather like the Lain-esque hair decorations, too... -- TI
Let us know how the DarkMaterials? plays are. I've just finished TheAmberSpyglass?, and I liked them muchly - although I feel the ending to TAS is perhaps a little sudden given the ages of Lyra and Will. --CH

If you can't beat them... t13

The HisDarkMaterials plays were well done - see page for discussion. I can't go into it without spoilers >.< - SunKitten

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