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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Oddments of thought - I used up all my words on Monday evening. I now know what the opening music would be if Looking for the Sun was made into an anime (and I do know that's not going to happen. It's a very hazy, floaty delusion of grandeur). I'm graduating again this Saturday, and am now wondering why I'm going through the fuss again when I could have had the certificate by post. It seemed like a good idea two months ago. Also, why don't you get a certificate/graduation/fuss thing for the Diploma in Computer Science? I feel vaguely cheated... there's a mini comic con in London on Saturday (which I can't go to) and a birthday party which I'll probably miss. And I had to shell out for a BA hood as well. On the other hand, we now have a vague plan for what we'll do after Phoenix Feathers finishes, and I'm most of the way through the final comic in the current story arc of Looking for the Sun. Now, if only I didn't have a PhD to finish...  ^.^;;

- Sun Kitten, 19th March '04

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