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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

This is an old strip, from the days before I knew these were going up on a website. It's based directly on a quote made by the person upon whom Yozhik is based. Forgive the scruffy style - as I say, it's old, and it's a bonus  ^.^

We've been busy today. We dropped my penfriend off at Gatwick at 6:00 (this involved getting up at 3 and driving for 2 hours). This afternoon, we were at a wedding. When we came home, one of the cats had managed to get herself shut in the spare room, we needed to pack (not having done any packing at all) and my snake had escaped.

Although a snake is pretty mobile and could go anywhere in the flat (and possibly outside, since the cat flap was open), we actually found her in the same place she was in when she escaped before (I hasten to add that this doesn't happen often - it's only the second time Cinnamon has escaped). I tried to get the cats to find her, but despite their reactions to a shed skin in the bin (hissing, arched back, pronking), they wandered close to where she was hiding without turning a whisker. Typical felines.

Anyway, now I'm updating this and shortly I shall back up my laptop to CD. That way, should she be pinched, I won't lose 4 months work (or however long it's been since I last backed up). After that, I'm going to sleep *yawns*

Have a good few days, and Phoenix Feathers shall (hopefully) be back by Friday 6th. I might have some more bonuses too  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 26th August '02

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