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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, this week

Another day, another week. It's back to Tuesday/Thursday updates from next week on, I'm afraid. I couldn't keep up a three-strip-a-week webcomic. I've only just got round to scanning in next week's strips.

I am a very, very happy bunny indeed, now, because as well as the samovar, we have Read or Die on CD, given to us by a friend. Apparently, Manga Video (boo, hiss) have the rights to it and will release it. We may get it - I certainly want a legit release - but with Manga Video's reputation I suspect we will be keeping the CD. You never know, though - miracles might happen.

For people who don't know, btw, Manga Video are the people responsible for the image of anime as 'sex, violence and tentacles', brought about by their choice of anime to release (Urutsukidoji being the prime example). Mangling Read or Die is completely within character for them, which is a real shame because it is a stunning anime. On the other hand, Hellsing is being released by Pioneer, who aren't that bad, and somebody has X TV too. This summer is going to be fun - and expensive...

Oh, and being noogied by nagi is a terrible experience. The cry of  'nimmyenda' is quite characteristic and those of us who have suffered such a fate before all cringe reflexively when that particular cry echoes round the drafty halls and back alleys of Cambridge...

- Sun Kitten, 5.4.02

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