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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, this week

Back to work.. bleh. It's so hard after a holiday...

Moonshadow tells me he's sent the most recent chapters of The Boy and the Darkness to the person in charge of Sergei Lukyanenko's official site, and also to lib.ru, which is a library of Russian works in Russian and translated to English, with some other English books that are out of copyright. Hopefully they'll link to us. We like being linked to  ^.^

Finally, before I fall into bed, apologies for the abrupt change in scene in today's strip. I suppose I ought to follow Piro's example and not change scene within a strip without a *very* good reason - tell one story at a time, however many threads are going on. The thing is, this particular storyline has been around in our collective subconscious for a while, and it's so clear in my mind that until it's up on the page I don't see how confusing the scene change or the conversation is (hence strips like this one slip by). I'm still learning how to do a clear and effective layout. I'll add 'only one story-thread at a time' to my list of things I must remember when designing a strip  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 3.4.02

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