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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

This strip should probably come with a warning. Well, not this one, but events that will lead on sometime next year. The main characters and some of the side ones are based on real people. I don't mind them identifying themselves with their characters (it's not like it's not justified, after all) and I don't mind other people picking a character to favour/identify with (stand up, the Rin Fan Club :). But Moonshadow and I will do as we please with them, and the situations they end up in and their relationships to those around them will not necessarily be based on or intended to reflect or comment upon - far less influence - their 'counterparts' in real life.

Are you worried yet?  ^.~

On a lighter note, I've uploaded some of the old pictures I did for Concerning Research. Research started, oh, in 1998, with a mysterious intruder on an email list, calling himself the Masked Man. The story was written and storyboarded that spring and I took the storyboard to Canada with me when I went there for 7 (9? I forget) weeks. Some of the pictures that survived moves across two computers are linked from the Research index page, here. It took me forever to get round to redoing it, but I think it was worth it  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 23rd January '04

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