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No rants yet, I'm afraid. I've been busy trying to finish something, and that's taken priority. I want to get it done before MinamiCon. I've finished three pages completely and three more most of the way - I have nine more to do. And because I can't resist showing off (?) here is the random page from the middle ^.^

By the way, for anyone who wonders, all these conversations actually happened. They're not dreamed up out of my head (or Moonshadow's, for that matter). We haven't yet gained the realm of genuine fiction, but it's not far off   -.-

By way of clarification, the biscuits Yozhik is holding are biscuits although they are labelled 'chocolate chip cookies'. Nikolai is correcting Yozhik by saying that they are cookies. Peri is correcting Nikolai again, because choc chip cookies are in fact biscuits. This particular exchange arose out of an argument over the classification of cookies and biscuits. I remember arguing that choc chip cookies were biscuits and that they were only called cookies because of the alliteration opportunity inherent in the name. Since I draw these, I get to be in the right ^.^

Apologies for the un-obviousness *sheepish grin*

- Sun Kitten, 26.2.02

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