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I read in the New Scientist (that amazing, accurate, up-to-date magazine :) that someone in a lab in America had managed to clone a cat. The new kitten is called 'cc', for 'carbon copy', and she is seriously cute. The thing is, they were intending to use this as a service to people whose pets had died. But, cc is not a copy of her clone-mother, since the mother is tortoiseshell, and the tortoiseshell patterns in cats are generated randomly during development - they're not fixed. So your new pet wouldn't necessarily look like your old pet and probably wouldn't behave like it. What's the point? Especially when there are so many abandoned pets waiting for homes.
I think it's quite cool that they've managed to clone something other than a sheep, and cc is *way* cuter than Dolly, but it seems a little silly, to say the least.

Anyway, that was my thought for the day. I'm going to go and sit in the lab now and not have any more. Keep an eye on the more page, since it carries the updates and I am hoping to be able to put a rant or several up soon.
-Sun Kitten, 22.2.02

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