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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

There's a tiny extra Looking for the Sun 'strip' here. I'm going to make a bookmark out of it :)

Any of you who read Looking for the Sun, would an appendix be appreciated? I don't want to 'contaminate' comic with massive great big info dumps but there's quite a lot of background that, while it's not absolutely necessary, I'd like to have people know. Without the aforementioned info dump. The makers of Girl Genius did a similar thing with their secret blueprints for volume one - which came out before the last comic in the volume did and contained a fair few spoilers. Whoops. But I'd be putting in non-spoilery stuff, of course. Is such a thing a good idea? For that matter, I did promise Kazuhiko there would be a background explanation for Phoenix Feathers, if there were bits left over after it's finished. I know that ideally everything should be within the story, but it seems a shame to have thought up loads of background and not share it.

- Sun Kitten, 30th Aug '04

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