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August 2004

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Dubious intentions pn13

Hang on, he's wearing a hat like that, and only the person he's been spying on gives him an odd look?  And I want a copy of that catten.  The book looks lovely enough, but the catten shall be mine!  --Vitenka
I don't think he was actually spying...  It isn't until later that he is told about the High Elf going out with one of the /Twilight students and he has no reason (yet) to draw the connection.  I did like his response to Nikolai's look though :)  Now, what's a catten? --K
Oh, and why is the store person objecting to /PhelanMidsummer's hat?  Is it too large and keeps knocking things over?  Is it too bright a neon colour to look at directly with sunglasses?  Does it have "Heero/Duo 4evar!" emblazened across the back in gold sequins?  We shall never know. --K
Well, not actively spying, no.  The PimpHat? is probably just distracting all the other customers.  And a catten is a semi-grown-up-kitten.  --Vitenka  (Pixel is too small and fluffy to be a full cat)
PeterTaylor thinks it's the UL? rather than a store, and wonders whether the objection is simply to wearing a hat indoors, which is surely at the least bad manners.

Revising together... sort of rev02

Anyone recognise that computer game? Looks Japanese (why am I not surprised...) - CorkScrew
Sounds like XenoGears or similar.  From the tiny screenshot (or, at least, the font) though, it looks like a SquareSoft? game.  --Vitenka

its final fantasy 8 - i can just make out squall macloud
Yep, but I couldn't make out the scene? :)  Any guesses how far through they are? --K

Pieces of the puzzle h33

Well, /Rin seems to be at least as good as any of us are at figuring out the plot. Probably slightly better, actually, since she hasn't seen as much as we have. That's probably why she has a fan club and we don't. Nice to see /Rin has the correct opinion of /Niea, anyway.... Further than that, hmmm. The /MysteriousEvilDude needs the aetheric level to reach a specified threshold before he can cast a spell, does he? Is he actively trying to repeat the /GreatImmolation?, and if so, why?....hang on. I have an idea. Connected to his past and stuff. I'm not going to say it on the off chance I'm right. And the /StudentCommittee? is trying to stop him? They're not on the same side? Cool --StuartFraser, applauding SunKitten....
Oh go on, tell :) - SunKitten (I won't say anything whether or not it's right...)

CorkScrew strongly suspects that the fire that was supposed to have "killed" the /MysteriousEvilDude centuries ago had a cause involving high aether levels, a phoenix familiar used as a channel, and a spell to halt ageing. Given this, I'd guess that the next big spell is either to resurrect said phoenix or to strengthen the immortality thing. Either way, the guy is probably gonna try to kidnap /Daedalus.

funnliy enough i was thinking that as i read the strip as well - the question now is, how can our intrepid band of heros stop him....

and more importantly, should they?

Distractions abound rev03

Hmm, wrong place to mention this but I completely forgot to comment at the time...  You mentioned a new AMV?  Is there any way I can get to see it?  Please? ^^; --K
Yes, it'll go up after the next con (around the 23rd), 'cause it's also entered there ^^ It's not as good as the first one - it's not funny either (although that's intentional) - SunKitten
It's up now - [link here] - SunKitten, 23rd Aug 04

Is anyone else ever reminded of the line from the Hitch-Hiker radio series "As this is an exceedingly irritating point for the narrative to change direction, this is precisely what it will now do..." ? --SF, not really annoyed, more amused..

note to self - must pester someone to teach me how to play go - it looks....interesting...macloud

I like the ship watercolour.  I do remember our visit to Great-Uncle Arthur.  He was also very nice to me- he showed me the family tree records he has (we are related to Juggins) and I remember how he patiently explained everything.  One of his daughters was there too (Mum's age) but I can't remember which one.  It was quite a small apartment, so its amazing they kept 4 restless kids happily occupied! --Julia?

Distracted by work? pn14

Aww, poor Peri *fluffle* - CorkScrew

The aetheric antichimaeric assistor w05

Does this device... fluffle?
Why yes.  Why do you ask?
Oh, no reason.

CorkScrew loves Megaera's expression in frame 3. You caught it perfectly :)
More of PhoenixFeathers than you might think comes from real-life experience ^^;; - SunKitten

Yozhik's win rev04

(PeterTaylor) I'm curious: why was the wig impossible to eat in?
It kept getting in the way. I pulled many, many strands of wig out of my mouth before I gave up and took the wretched thing off.. - SunKitten
That's an impressively cute dress Peri is wearing.
I think that Yozhik looks very cute when collapsed asleep on the table -- Senji

Internal conflict outside Starducks h34

Poor Rin... -- Senji

Reassurance v08

I can't decide whether the last response from /Yozhik is a nice save, or a large bit of hole-digging. On the one hand, it's nice compliment to /Megaera, but on the other it's an admission that he thinks /Rin is as pretty as she is. Very nice scena though! Me approvals mucherly, particularly as the confusion regarding the Snow Ball seems to be about to be cleared up for Meg. --CH
Both -- Senji

Aww. Poor Meg. (Poor Yozhik. (Poor Rin...)) --Requiem, who liked the style of this strip a lot *claps*

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