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I have a question for people about anime conventions. It doesn't matter if you've never been to a convention, I just want your opinion. To set the scene, an anime con is both a social and an antisocial gathering which in the UK lasts from Friday afternoon/evening until Sunday evening; there are usually three or four - even five - video rooms running non-stop anime until late, plus a dealer's room which is open during relatively sane hours. There are often panels, an artist's alley (technically where people gather and draw together; no matter where it is supposed to be it always ends up in the bar), an art room, and of course the bar, which is heavily patronised, and a place to relax when there isn't anime to watch or buy, or manga to read, or cosplayers to photograph. A couple of special events take place over the weekend; the opening and closing ceremonies, the masquerade (where the cosplayers strut their stuff), the auction, the charity auction, and a disco, which all have to take place in the single huge room which will hold everyone (I suspect the size of conventions is often limited by the number of people the largest room will hold... although I suppose that's not so true any more).

So, imagine the set-up. You have a choice of two. Either you have the main large room plus the dealer's room, the smaller video rooms, the artist's alley/gallery/relaxing place (no alcohol) etc in one building and the bar/eatery in another, or you have the video rooms, dealer's room, artists's alley, gallery etc in the same building as the bar and the eatery, and only use the single largest room for the special events which have to be there. Which would you prefer? The bedrooms would be in a separate building placed equidistant between the building-with-the-big-room and the building-with-the-bar. Please feel free to leave comments  ^.^

To say it again, we're going to the International Comic Festival in London tomorrow, with Sweatdrop. I'm really looking forward to it, not least because it's a chance to meet people from Sweatdrop who I normally only see at anime cons. I hope it all works...

- Sun Kitten, 22nd October '04

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