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October 2004

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Exam envy ex02

PeterTaylor is reminded of when he took his A-levels: he was instructed by the person whose name came after his in the alphabet to pretend to keep working even after he'd finished. Is Rin asking for extra paper or pointing out a mistake?
Yes, I am confused by the 'hand up' frame - is it meant to come after the call for 'anyone who wishes to leave should do so now' - the phrasing of this seems particularly cool for the BlackArtsTripos.  (I'm hearing an unsaid "before it is too late" on the end of it...)  --Vitenka
I think it's a "more paper". The frame next to it shows an invigilator handing her more paper, while the other students glower. --CH - Oh, and is one invigilator wearing a "Born to Rune" T-shirt?
Yes, well spotted. I was a bit annoyed that the 'e' got left out, making it look like 'Born to Run' ^^;; - SunKitten

Endangered fingers ex03

(PeterTaylor) They teach how to make fingers drop off in theology? Gibber.
No more than they do in SPS :) - SunKitten (old joke)
I thought that was when the person in question was still studying economics?  Didn't she switch after her first year? *reminisce*  The other characters are all scarily close to their normal /RealLifeInspirations once again! --MJ
Yes, but the threat remained :) - SunKitten
Hmm. I like the comedy an' all, but somehow it feels different now to when PF was starting. In the early days the comedy was why I tuned in, but now having got sufficiently hooked on the plot and the sinister goings-on, I find myself feeling that the exam silliness isn't quite what I'd hope to see. We haven't had a plot strip since h35 "Curiosity Killed the Cat" on 17th September. (Well, I daresay some hint dropped in the past five frivolous strips may turn out to have significance - but there's not been anything meaty...) --AlexChurchill (that said, I did appreciate the reference to our first year exam season in 1998)''
Yes, that did concern me. But a summer term without exams wouldn't work - the characters have to cope with them, so you do too ;) Think of it as the lull before the storm. I don't think there'll be many more not-much-plot-strips after this lot - SunKitten
Hate to sound whiny, but whilst I'm enjoying this plot lull - when do you get the art back?  I thought last weeks was a one-off, or is your computer still dead?  --Vitenka
I do two strips at once (one week at a time). Sorry ^^;; This one was the second I did on the Mac laptop. And I have noticed that I've been drawing scruffily lately; the next two strips should be a lot better. I was really pleased with them :) - SunKitten

Post-exam Punt Party punt01

hmmm...[note to self:must have a go at that "punting" lark next week]
ohh, any chance of using your saryth cg as an avatar...PLEASE? macloud
Yes, feel free *^^*. http://www.toothycat.net/img/sarythani.gif is the full address. Most bulletin boards use online images, right? But if you have the chance to upload one, feel free to grab it from toothycat.net and upload it that way. Oh, unless you're referring to the SweatDrop forums, in which case I'm afraid the selection is limited and I don't think animated stuffs are approved of.. ^^;; - SunKitten
yay!thankees!just put it up on the megatokyo site macloud
Just to see what happens in the next strip:  ShaAm?!  --Vitenka :)
Are we meant to be able to tell who that is who's appeared in /Peri's seat in the final frame talking to /Yozhik? I notice that we haven't seen the whole punt or who else is in it... --AlexChurchill
It's /Niea, isn't it? --CH

You know it's late when... punt02

Existence of OberonCollege confirmed. Well, probably. CH's suspicion of /Niea appearing in the previous strip confirmed. /Rin having worked most of the plot out confirmed. /Yozhik appears to know the rest of it; hopefully he's about to tell /Rin (and hopefully we get to see it...). /Niea being confused confirmed. I think this strip is the equivalent of a signpost... "You are now entering the Plot. Please drive carefully...." --SF
Pole.  You pole a punt, you don't drive it ;)  --Vitenka
(PeterTaylor) Are you asserting that the plot is a punt?
Hmm.. erratic, hard to steer, intractable, easy to wreck - sounds about right ;) - SunKitten

'Foreplanning' h36

(PeterTaylor) Eat the top pastry layer first.
But I want to eat it all at once. It tastes better that way, with the pastry and the cream and the sweet icing all combined - SunKitten, being awkward
Open your mouth realllllllllly wide.  --Vitenka
(PeterTaylor) Or invest in a laser cutting device to chop it into mouth-sized chunks. (I suppose a real katana would also work...)
I said, no extra utensils. Honestly, you lot :) - SunKitten, who'd really rather like a katana. Or a lightsabre.
Cracking the wafers is the key. The bottom one can usually be cracked with not too much difficulty; the challenge is in cracking the top icing-covered one in roughly the same place you cracked the bottom one. In both cases gentle and delicate motion of the sweetthing towards your teeth, plus applying bending pressure with fingers, is going to be important. As well as a dollop of luck and a certain amount of aloofness from dignity for if it goes wrong ^^ --AlexChurchill
It is possible to get the squishing to squish cream *into your mouth* which is far preferable to 'all over the place' allthough the last bite will have much less cream than the first.  Practices makes perfect ;-) --Naath
Practice sounds very, very nice to me ;) - SunKitten
I've gotta say, I love the icicles on "Why?". Very cool - CorkScrew (apologies for the pun)

Ooo. Genuine evil from the /MysteriousEvilDude. Somebody's halo slipped... ^_^ --Requiem

Idle speculation w06

Argle.  You forgot to remind me it was Tuesday!  Belatedly, then - very nice.  A lovely contrasting "Nope, we really don't know what is going on"  As well as ejection-by-heresy.  Is your scanner dying, though?  Because the bed has all but vanished in the bottom left frame.  To end my comment - you're going to make us wait a fortnight before explaining the last panel revelation, aren't you?  --Vitenka
The bottom left frame is intentional, and sort of, in answer to your questions :) - SunKitten
Well, let's get speculating then. I propose that phoenixes (phoenices?) have some bizarre mating ritual that requires high aether levels and (obviously) one of the exceedingly rare male phoenixes. I really wouldn't want to speculate on the details but, judging by Megaera's Eureka moment, the involvement of more than one female phoenix would seem likely. - CorkScrew

'A symptom and a cause of disaster'? w07

I think the latter option would be better - keep all the more relaxed stuff in one area. Never actually been to a convention tho. - CorkScrew
Seconded --Requiem, who hasn't been to one either

I can't work out if I'm agreeing or disagreeing, but I'd want the bar etc in the building where there's stuff happening.  People are going to make an effort to go out of their way to the big events wherever they happen, and if the bar is isolated from that noone will make the effort to drift in - at Oxenmoot this year the hospitality room was right in the middle of nowhere, and noone made the effort to get over there, because everyone knew if you did it would be empty -- Sally
For reference, you're disagreeing.  But that which you are saying makes a lot of sense.  --Vitenka (No opinion, since no con exp and no desire to gain any)
Um, she's agreeing with CorkScrew and Requiem - and with everyone else we've asked - that it'd be better to keep everything together except for the main showing room (as opposed to keeping everything together except for the bar). I think - SunKitten

Ineffective Interrogation h37

You're *such* a tease.  You just want to see us begging for plot, don't you?  Grr, sadistic comic writers, grr... Either that, or you're just pandering to your squeeing fan clubs desires for lots of pictures of Rin and Meg :-)  --Sally
Muahahaha :) - SunKitten
Squeeee! -- Senji
what Senji said - macloud
I like the Zzzzzzzz.  That was a bright idea!  --Vitenka

Working in May Week w08

It looks like the pen lines on that strip are CG, to me.  --Vitenka

(PeterTaylor) The Great Immolation in Cambridge? Wasn't it Oxford?
We've had this discussion before! - SunKitten
Must needs to be tricksier to get answers from authoresssessesssssss yesssssss....  --Smeagol?
(PeterTaylor) I did have a strong sense of deja vu, yes. But the previous time we had the discussion it was pointed out to me that "fire like Cambridge's" didn't necessarily refer to the Great Immolation. Hmm: maybe Oxford and Cambridge are the same place, like Springfield.
There has been no definite statement of the GI's location anywhere until now (that I've noticed - I'm not rereading the entire archives at work! :). Certainly, it wasn't in Oxford (see the link above - the fire in Oxford was very short and definitely started by a daemon; they caught it). This strip states it is in Cambridge, as others have implied. Why the confusion? - SunKitten
The confusion would be "Oh, the great fire" and "Oh, the great immolation" are pretty much indistinguishable.  Further, the strip does love to tease you with tiny bits of information which may or may not connect.  Finally - we are idiots.  --Vitenka (Who, after all, still can't tell which cast member is which gender)
The 'Great Immolation' is usually capitalised. Anyway, this strip h28 may cast some more light on the confusion :) - SunKitten
(PeterTaylor) r08 may be the source of the confusion - I'm not rereading the entire archives to find out either. The speech bubbles in panel 5 are not as distinguished as one might wish, so it's taken me until now to work out who's saying what.

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