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I got a Christmas card with this lovely piece of watercolour on! Wai :)

The Trade Justice Movement 'campaigns for fundamental change to the unjust rules and institutions governing international trade, so that trade is made to work for all' (quoted from their website). The current situation of 'Free Trade' means that countries can basically do as they like in the international market. For example, rich countries can subsidise the export of produce to poorer countries and sell them cheaper there than can the indigenous farmers, who are then left with no livelihood. Although Free Trade sounds great, it means that while there is such an imbalance of riches in the world, there is practically no way for poorer countries to work their way out of their poverty. There has recently been intense campaigning to get trade justice put on the agenda during the next few months, and there is a list of sites hosting petitions here, where you can add your name to the list and register your support if you agree with the petition's declarations.

- Sun Kitten, 10th December '04

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