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December 2004

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Dawning Comprehension w11

Oooh... intrigue.  Nice :)  --FR

Hints and Suspicions w12

We need vodka!  Quick!  Call Nagi!  --Vitenka
That's a gooooood "Grrr, that /Rin's stealing my boyfriend" look in panel 6! --CH
Yes! And conveyed convincingly by astonishingly little detail --Rachael
Interesting.  I took it to be a "No one touches the Phoenix, right?  No one." look.  Maybe I'm just not good at interpreting these things.  And is it me, or does this sort of senario remind you of all those efforts to get rid of Sh-Crash! ... ah heck.  --FR
I definitely noted it as CH described. She's at least as defensive about /Yozhik as about /Daedalus; which does she consider more at risk (FSVO risk)? An interesting question. --Requiem
(PeterTaylor) I don't know about "more at risk", but the context doesn't suggest an immediate threat to /Daedalus, and in the next frame she stops narrowing her eyes when she's included in the plan.
Sorry; I was talking in a wider context. In this strip it's obvious she's thinking of /Yozhik. --Requiem
Hmm.  I think there is a context suggesting a risk to /Daedalus, namely the reference to Meg's own theory... I thought that had something to do with him.  Oh well, maybe it works just as well for both.  --FR

Coming to Conclusions w13

Hmm, I'd say "Jumping to Conclusions" might be more accurate, but I'm probably wrong...  I'd have thought that  it being the phoenix's previous resting point is more relevant than it being Sha'am's (*crash*) current home...  After all, the aether levels were rising long before he came into the picture weren't they? --K

Daemons Gossip y01

I like. A lot. The cosmology fits in a very pleasing manner. Oh, and the art is especially good this strip. *claps* --Requiem
*^^* Thanks - SunKitten

As observant as a brick y02

The image brightness seems fine to me, for both PF and the advent calendar. --Bobacus
(PeterTaylor) The image brightness is fine, but I do have to select the text at the bottom to be able to read it.
Brightness is fine at home, at work the AdventCalendar is too dark.  I tend to blame work for that though.  Page layouts are fine, though it'd be nice to have simple ALT text for the images.  --Vitenka
I thought I specified an alt text of ' '... or is that the problem? - SunKitten
That's more of a problem than NOT specifying the alt text.  Without also specifying a width and height (which I guess is hard to do since some strips are longer than others?) my browser (among others) will choose to hide that text as a spacer.  Even something like 'comic' would make it easier to locate, but putting the episode title in it seems more useful.  --Vitenka
What's a 'spacer'? I can put 'comic' from now on, but I'd rather not faff with the strip title, and going through the archives converting stuff is not going to happen, I'm afraid ^^;; There was a reason for doing ' ' at the time.. something to do with wanting there to be something there but not wanting to faff about changing it every update, I think - SunKitten
By 'spacer' I mean a crappy little image that doesn't mean anything lexically, but is used to keep table borders looking pretty, or whatever.  --Vitenka

ChrisHowlett was wondering if /Yozhik was being nave, or trying to force /Megaera and /Rin to get along by working together. Then he realised that the script title answered that.
Huh?  You mean those eeeevil looks mean something?  I thought everyone just wanted to find cookies.  --Vitenka
I figured that maybe he was trying to answer the question of who he would date by process of elimination. Two must enter; only one may leave alive... -- CorkScrew
Heh, heh. --Requiem
You scary being o.o;; --AlexChurchill (now scared. MoonShadow has in the past expressed strong fondness for stories which have a certain tragic element to how their plot concludes...)

Ooh, everything finally pulls together.  Thankyou :-) -- Sally

Yes, it makes sense (although it would have been rather hard to foresee). I *knew* /Twilight (and /Nikolai's experience with it) was going to be relevant somehow before PhoenixFeathers ended. How long have you been planning this?
One thing that hasn't been spelled out yet is how /Daedalus' presence may affect matters... --AlexChurchill
In general, we're still planning it. I can't remember when that particular piece of plot fell into place but likely long before /Twilight was mentioned in the strip. I have no idea how long my subconscious has known about it, however :) - SunKitten

Double Trouble y03

A terrifically smug look on Meg's face when she brandishes the keycard. Rin did (I hate to say it) deserve it though. --AC
UrbanOrienteering? strikes again.  I like... and am about to lose computer access until early '05.  Hope it all goes well for them all :)  --Vitenka

That's really nice. The worst sort of rival is one you get on with - so it's great that Meg and Rin are learning to get along. Um, that didn't sound right, did it? ^^; --Requiem

Final Preparations y04

(PeterTaylor) Early Christmas present. Thanks, SunKitten!

Two Moons in Twilight y05

Attempted Farewell y06

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