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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I was wondering, are the images on toothycat.net too dark for people? My laptop screen is unusually bright and our desktop has to be darker (the monitor is very old), so I don't really have an accurate idea of how bright images end up. Phoenix Feathers should be OK but images like the Advent Calendar might be too dark - please say something or I'll assume they're fine :)

Speaking of Advent Calendars, I re-used one of the ideas from last year's to make some Christmas art for the Sweatdrop forums. I like watercolours.

If this website was to be redesigned (only a minor facelift), what would make it easier to get around? I didn't think the links at the top of every page were hard to miss, but perhaps they are. Any suggestions?

We had a talk on Tuesday about some of the more interesting invertebrates there are around. There is a species of butterfly which sucks blood, apparently. Vampire butterflies - sounds like an anime-in-waiting. The biggest spider in the world is 12 inches across (including legs) - the size of a dinner plate. It is poisonous, of course. Also, there's a kind of insect - a dragonfly, I think - which flies at night and steals food from spider webs by flying through them at high speed and snatching stuck beasties to eat. It avoids getting caught itself by going so fast and probably pulls its legs and wings in too, like an insectile bullet. I thought that was very cool  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 17th December '04

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