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Like several other ToothyWikizens, I find it hard to list things I'd like when I'm asked, but they occur to me at random times. So this is a place for me to note down things I'd like, and for other people to get ideas for buying them.

I've been asked what to do if someone wants to buy something from this list without letting on what. The best plan is to [edit this page] to remove the item, and in the summary say "Alex, don't look!". Or you can email Rachael and ask her to :)

Books and games

I have a number of books and board games on my Amazon Wish List [here]. You can also remove items from my Amazon wish list if you buy them by some means other than Amazon.

Good places to buy board games include [Infinity Games UK], [Games Lore], [DiceBay], and your local board games shop (such as [Heffers] or [Forbidden Planet] in Cambridge).


I keep [my Steam Wishlist] reasonably up-to-date and in order: the top few (15ish) games are ones I'd particularly like to receive. There are prices ranging from 4 to 30 there.

I'd also like a few Android games. Ridiculously, there's no sensible way for people outside the family to buy these for us (!), but you could get Rachael to buy it in our Android Family Library at which point it'll turn up available for me to download to my phone too.
Also many JRPGs are available on Android ports. I very much enjoyed replaying ChronoTrigger on my Android, so any other JRPGs which you particularly recommend would be a great bet as well.


Escape rooms! Rachael and I have been to quite a few of the ones around Cambridge, but new ones are always opening, and there are some great ones in London which is easily reachable. Most of them do gift tickets/vouchers.

Babysitting: If anyone wants to offer to babysit for Rachael and me to go out to something in the evening or at a weekend, that'd be an awesome gift.

If you're someone I used to play silly casual Magic with - or any friend of mine who plays Magic - then it'd bring me great joy to get together and play a couple of games with Johnny-style decks for nostalgia's sake.


I'm always happy to receive interesting cheese, chutneys, or pickles that aren't too sour; and fruity drinks of various kinds.


I don't need many clothes that I don't already have. But I'd quite like a couple more shirts in bright single colours (not patterned). (Shirt size: 18 / XL)


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