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A gorgeous CRPG for the SNES, produced by SquareSoft?.  Very evocative plot and characters.  Significant amounts of nonlinearity towards the end.  Comparable to FinalFantasy 6.

Now available for the DS.
Squeee!  --Vitenka (Some of these re-releases are adding quite good stuff)

[This page] claims that when it was re-released on PlayStation in 1999, a large number of anime movies were interspersed throughout the game.  (It also has a number of movies for download: the 28 Meg opening movie is rather cool, if possibly containing spoilers for chunks of the game.)  Has anyone got any experience of this, who can comment further?  What does the remade game feel like, or play like?
GreenOpal: After having played through with use of save states a number of times on PC, it makes quite a change having to save when and only when you're told to save. The gameplay is basically the same - the movies do add a touch of class, but are rather DBZ-ish. Not especially exciting...

And there is indeed an anime - at least an OVA.  It's... less than sane.
Description of it, now that I've recovered.  You only see the back of chrono's spiky head - the recognisable crew are the monsters.  The millenial fair happens - and then the night after, the monsters come out for their fair.  Of particular note are the big round nu and small dancing sheep (mango?) who form the title characters for this outing.  They are hapless and make a perfect sounding board for the racing wheelie and the 'defeat me to get silver points' robot from the fair.  And they ply around for fifteen minutes and trash the fair by accident.  The next morning, they escape off to the next world.  Silly, light, not really a must watch - unless you're a fan.

Was being [remade], by fans... in 3D. But, reasonably predictably, SquareEnix? told them to stop. The trailers from the project as it was when work ceased are still available on [their webpage].
You know, one day fans will realise that any project will get foxed and, you know, create something original.  --Vitenka


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